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  • Cities turn to high-tech for curbing traffic, crime

    Digital 13-10-2009

    Stockholm, New York and other cities across the globe are increasingly relying on information and communication technologies (ICT) to manage low-emissions traffic zones or improve their ability to fight crime. But privacy issues are never far away and will require political decisions, warns John Post, chief technology officer at IBM Benelux.

  • EU, US mayors stress cities’ role in global warming fight

    Development Policy 08-10-2009

    Mayors from both sides of the Atlantic have teamed up to ensure that international climate negotiators recognise the important role played by cities in adapting to climate change as they gather in Copenhagen to agree on a post-Kyoto treaty in December.

  • Cities puzzled by greenhouse gas measurements

    Sustainable Development 07-10-2009

    Many regional initiatives are already taking place in the EU to tackle climate change, but the array of different tools for measuring global warming gases make the results difficult to compare, a recent study showed.

  • Mayors commit to exceeding EU climate goals

    Sustainable Development 11-02-2009

    Over 350 cities united in a pledge to reduce their CO2 emissions by more than the EU's 20% target for 2020 at the launch ceremony of the Covenant of Mayors yesterday (10 February), with €15 million in financial support from the European Investment Bank in the pipeline. 

  • EU ‘not listening’ to cities, says Commission

    Sustainable Development 09-10-2008

    National governments' privileged access to EU decision-makers in Brussels limits cities' access to funding instruments necessary for dealing with significant climate change-related challenges, according to a Commission official and urban policy experts.

  • Commission unveils urban-mobility strategy

    Transport 26-09-2007

    Presenting a new Green Paper on Urban Transport, Commissioner Jacques Barrot outlined a large range of potential solutions and areas where the EU could take action in order to tackle the growing congestion, pollution and safety problems in Europe's cities.

  • Mobility Week: EU eyes less road-space for cars

    Transport 17-09-2007

    More than 1,500 cities will take part in the sixth edition of the annual European Mobility Week, which, under the theme 'Streets For People', aims to prove that reclaiming road space for pedestrians and cyclists can serve to cut congestion and pollution without reducing people's mobility.

  • Interview: ‘EU must give cities strong tools for sustainable mobility’

    Transport 17-09-2007

    As the Commission prepares to present proposals for a European strategy on urban transport, Klaus Bondam, chairman of Eurocities' Mobility Forum and vice-mayor of Copenhagen, stresses the need for a "push from above" that would allow EU cities to finance more sustainable transport infrastructure and implement greener urban policies such as congestion charges.

  • Cities ‘key’ to solving world’s environmental woes

    Climate change 13-06-2007

    With 80% of Europeans living in urban areas, cities hold the key to sustainable development, said Commissioner Margot Wallström, outlining her "vision" for sustainable cities at the opening session of Brussels’ Green Week event.

  • EU ministers outline ‘European City’ ideal

    Sustainable Development 25-05-2007

    The Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities, signed by European ministers on 24 May, lays the foundation for a new integrated urban policy in Europe, focusing on helping cities tackle problems of social exclusion, structural change, ageing, climate change and mobility.

  • Big cities take lead on ‘greening’ car fleets

    Sustainable Development 23-05-2007

    The mayor of New York has ordered that the city's entire taxi fleet be converted to fuel-efficient hybrids by 2012 in a sign that energy ideology in the US is undergoing a climate-change shift.

  • EU ministers to meet in support of sustainable cities

    Sustainable Development 21-05-2007

    On 24 and 25 May, EU ministers responsible for urban and spatial development will meet in Leipzig to adopt the Leipzig Charter on Sustainabe European Cities. Apart from the adoption of the charter, a main purpose of the Leipzig meeting will be to "politically emphasise" the importance of cities in the formulation of future EU policies.

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