Smart grids Archives

  • Are we about to change the way we use electricity?

    Opinion | Electricity 29-05-2017

    As Europe’s electricity system undergoes a major transformation, consumers may be expected to change some of their habits. But this will only happen if consumers have something to gain from these changes and they are given a proper choice, says Monique Goyens.

  • Electricity markets reimagined: Flexible by design

    Opinion | Electricity 17-05-2017

    In just over a decade, we will be able to build a new electricity system around renewable energy that is cleaner, produces almost no carbon emissions, costs less than a system built around natural gas, and is just as reliable, writes David Nelson.

  • EU energy forum feels winds of change in power sector

    News | Electricity 31-03-2017

    Although formal negotiations over a market design proposal are just beginning, a conference involving industry leaders and senior policymakers this week showed which way the winds of change are blowing in the electricity sector as the need to integrate intermittent wind and solar power increases.

  • Banks give €1 billion to build “Smart Europe”

    News | Climate change 07-02-2017

    Investors and the banking community have agreed to pour €1 billion into the modernisation and digitalisation of Europe, Council of the Regions President Markku Markkula said today (7 February).

  • Energy Union is about re-inventing our economy

    Opinion | Energy 07-02-2017

    The European Commission's Winter Package of Energy Union laws will be a turning point for clean energy, writes Maroš Šefčovič. But the spirit of the package goes further than clean energy or tackling climate change – it’s also about economic transformation, he argues.

  • Can the Energy Union become a growth engine for Europe?

    Opinion | Energy 03-02-2017

    The Energy Union is an unparalleled opportunity for the EU to boost energy its efficiency, cut imports and create consumers money. To achieve this, we must unlock the potential of smart systems and embrace digitalisation, writes Anton Koller.