Telecoms regulation

Digital & Media 09-09-2016

New telecoms rules: bringing Europe’s internet up to speed?

The European Commission proposed changes to laws governing telecoms service in September 2016 that will affect how people use the internet and phones around the EU. There’s a lot at stake for consumers, former state-owned monopolies and emerging service providers: the...
Digital & Media 26-09-2008

Telecoms and Internet regulation review

The European Union has embarked on a broad review of the telecoms and Internet sector in an attempt to adapt legislation to the latest technological developments. EU institutions reached a broad agreement in April 2009, but a highly political fight over the protection of Internet users' rights in France has put the entire reform on ice, holding it hostage to an unpredictable horse-trading process.
Competition 19-11-2006

2nd telecoms package [Archived]

The liberalisation of the European Telecoms in 1998 marked a milestone for the sector and anticipated the opening up of markets worldwide. However, the technological developments pushed the European authorities to carry out a reform of the common rules. The result was the second telecoms package adopted in April 2002.