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    Affordability, availability and sustainability are the main focus points of the EU’s new pharmaceutical strategy, which aims to “future-proof” the European healthcare sector. @gerardofortuna and @NatashaFoote bring you the details.

    🇬🇧 🇪🇺 | "Johnson’s government would survive a ‘no deal’ scenario, he reckons, but it probably won’t take the risk." Read today's The Brief by Benjamin Fox:

    🇪🇺 EU wird diese Woche Vertrag mit #Moderna zu Corona-Impfstoff billigen ✈️ #Qantas plant Corona-#Impfpflicht für Fluggäste – Lufthansa nicht ⚕️ EMA könnte bis Jahresende über #COVID19-Impfstoff entscheiden…

    The European Commission’s Intellectual Property action plan will seek to promote the increased sharing of intellectual property-protected data. @SamuelStolton has the detailes of a draft of the strategy.

    #TheBerlinPulse-Umfrage der @KoerberIP: 🇺🇸 53 % der befragten Deutschen gaben an, dass die US-Wahlen ihr Vertrauen in die US-Demokratie geschwächt hätten. ✍️ @sarahannlawton berichtet.

    Today in The Capitals: 🇪🇺 EU lacks defence capabilities to meet ‘strategic autonomy’ goals 🇵🇹 Costa: Some countries defend UK’s EU future vision 🇵🇱 Anti-government protests continue in Poland 🇬🇷 Mitsotakis wants to meet Biden before Erdoğan does