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Kyiv summons Hungarian envoy over election interference

Politics 27-10-2020

In today's edition of the Capitals, find out more about Lithuania's new conservative-liberal party to be, how domestic violence increased by 50% in Croatia during the pandemic, and so much more.

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    It’s less than a week until the ‘most important ballot in the world’ and Europe is bracing itself for the possibility of a contested US presidential election. "What if Biden wins and Trump refuses to concede?" asks @alex_owski

    Although women make up roughly half of the world’s population, they remain largely underrepresented in the traditionally male-dominated domain of foreign and defence policy. @alex_owski has the details of the newly launched index.…

    🇧🇪 Belgien ist Europas neues Corona-Sorgenkind 🇩🇪 Bund will Firmen bei Corona-Zwangsschließung 75% Umsatz ausgleichen 🗺️ Mehr als eine halbe Million Neuinfektionen weltweit 💉 #vonderLeyen rechnet im besten Fall ab April mit großen Mengen Corona-Impfstoff…

    À Vienne, les sociaux-démocrates (SPÖ) sont parvenus à une décision : les négociations de coalition ont commencé le 27 octobre avec les libéraux (NEOS). L’amorce des discussions sonne ainsi le glas de l’ère « rouge-verte ». ✍️ par @Gruell_Philipp.

    « L’état de droit ne s’applique pas en ce qui concerne l’avortement en Pologne. » 🎙️ Un entretien avec le médiateur polonais des droits civiques @Adbodnar via @EurActivPoland.

    Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias sent letters yesterday to his counterparts from Germany, Spain and Italy, pointing out the need to impose an arms embargo against Turkey.