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    Europe has been trying for a long time to decarbonise its transport sector. However, official data shows that despite a number of EU legislative actions, road transport dependency on oil will remain high by 2030.

    Les pays de l’UE approuvent la stratégie « De la ferme à la table » pour une #agriculture plus durable, mais demandent que toute proposition législative élaborée dans ce contexte soit précédée d’études d’impact. ✍️ Un article d’@euroefe.

    The German Corona-Warn-App now also works in Italy and Ireland, and vice versa, and more countries will be added soon.

    The EU is pushing the concept of “open strategic autonomy” on raw materials, by developing its own supplies of lithium and rare earths while diversifying import supplies. Read our interview with EU Commissioner @MarosSefcovic:

    Former EU commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said that he has never been in favour of sanctions as a way to solve a political problem. “But if Turkey and Erdogan do not change their behaviour, then we should impose sanctions.”