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Sarantis Michalopoulos EURACTIV Network Editor
Zoran Radosavljevic Editor-in-chief

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#Brexit: Durchbruch vor EU-Gipfel am Donnerstag ungewiss

.@EIB verschiebt Entscheidung über die Aktualisierung ihrer #Energiekreditpolitik. @Sebgodinot kritisiert rückschrittliche Haltung Deutschlands & der EU-Kommission: „Sie sabotieren die Verpflichtung der #EIB, sich an die Pariser Vereinbarung zu halten.“

"If Spain managed to become an example of a peaceful democratic transition, it should not be too late to restore the relationship between two communities with centuries of common bonds." @europressos on #Catalonia in last night's The Brief.

The @EIB decides to delay a decision on updating its energy lending policy until November. Germany and the @EU_Commission are still pushing for changes to the bank’s original fossil-fuel-free proposal.

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