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Top spies, leaked tapes, covert action, digging dirt, treachery and treason at the highest level, all the ingredients of the best spy novels can be found in today’s Ukraine.

The EU is working on environmental standards for batteries that aim to land the bloc a chunk of a market that could be worth a quarter of a trillion euros by 2025, under its so-called Battery Alliance. @SamJamesMorgan reports.

"Wir können den #Klimawandel bekämpfen, Ungleichheiten beseitigen und nachhaltige sowie gesunde Gemeinschaften in unseren Städten aufbauen." 🎙️Interview mit Giuseppe Sala (Bürgermeister Mailands sowie Vize-Vorsitzender des Städte-Netzwerks #C40.)

The whole of Europe is watching closely as Austria experiments with setting up a government coalition, in which the Greens are likely to take on an important role.

Greece is determined to take all necessary initiatives to ensure that the Western Balkan region’s EU ambition will become a reality soon.

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