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    Former PM Robert Fico said that Sophie in ‘t Veld, MEP and head of the European Parliament mission to Slovakia, “should go home and have a joint”. He criticised members of her mission for not meeting with opposition parties. Michal Hudec reports. 👇

    Ireland has struck a new deal which will pave the way for the export of sheepmeat and breeding #pigs from #Ireland to #China, in a move which has caused consternation among agricultural stakeholders. @NatashaFoote reports.

    La Commission européenne a présenté une proposition visant à établir un chargeur unique pour les smartphones, les tablettes et autres appareils dans les deux ans, rapporte @BertuzLuca.

    Tunisia’s #democracy faces its ‘gravest’ threat in the decade since the Arab Spring opposition and civil society leaders in the country have warned, while the president set out plans to rule by decree and amend the #constitution. @benfox83 reports.

    This week's Agrifood brief examines the declining demand for organic milk 🥛. Read more here! 👇 By Magdalena Pistorius, @gerardofortuna and @NatashaFoote.

    🇪🇺 countries are struggling to agree their negotiating position for the #COP26 #climate change conference, with rifts emerging over timeframes for emissions-cutting pledges, according to officials and documents seen by Reuters.