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21 out of 25 of the heads of cabinet in the new Commission are male. Meanwhile 91%, 119 out of 131, of secretaries in each Commissioner’s office are female. “This is yesterday’s politics dressed up in the words of tomorrow,” said @Evelyn_Regner.

OPINION | "We must realise that our present and future allies are the African peoples", write MEPs @CZacharopoulou, Norbert Neuser and @czorrinho.

In one of his first public appearances, @OliverVarhelyi, Commissioner for neighbourhood and #enlargement, said reviving civil society and economy by reaching out to youth would be his priority in the context of Eastern Partnership.

"Ich bin überzeugt: #KMUs sind der Schlüssel zum Erreichen der #Klimaschutzziele." 🎙️ Interview mit der Präsidentin von @SMEunited, Ulrike Rabmer-Koller @RabmerU

A strengthened “do no harm” principle means nuclear power will – in all likelihood – be excluded from the EU’s green finance taxonomy when experts sit down to agree detailed implementing rules next year, the Greens told the press.

LEAKED - The incoming European Commission is preparing a raft of new climate and environmental laws as part of a European Green Deal due to be unveiled on 11 December. EURACTIV got hold of a first draft, which is still subject to change.

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