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    Alexandra Brzozowski
    Regional Coordinator Visegrad
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    Vlagyiszlav Makszimov
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    Morgen wird die Bundesregierung ihre neue #Datenstrategie beschließen. Unter anderem sollen BürgerInnen stärker darauf vertrauen können, dass ihre Daten beim Staat und bei Unternehmen in guten Händen sind, geht aus dem Dokument hervor.

    The European Commission has taken its first steps towards launching a ‘code of conduct’ for actors along the food chain. @NatashaFoote reports.

    Des représentants du gouvernement polonais ont rencontré lundi (25 janvier) les syndicats miniers à Katowice pour discuter d’un accord qui fixera les détails de la transformation du secteur du charbon.

    Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has resigned in the hope of forming a new government after weeks of turmoil in his ruling coalition. Here are some possible scenarios ahead for Italian politics 👇

    Companies producing #Covid-19 vaccines “must deliver”, said EU chief Ursula von der Leyen as tensions mount between the European Commission and pharmaceutical firms over delayed deliveries.

    🇪🇪 Kaja Kallas has become Estonia’s first female prime minister. She has pledged not to define marriage strictly as a union between a man and woman and has promised to bar any further investment in the fossil fuel industry.