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    Sarantis Michalopoulos EURACTIV Network Editor
    Alexandra Brzozowski
    Regional Coordinator Visegrad
    Global Europe Reporter
    Vlagyiszlav Makszimov
    Regional Coordinator Balkans
    Global Europe Reporter
    Daniel Eck
    Network Organiser
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    "Regardless of where you stand on lockdown measures, the carte blanche we've given governments (or they've granted themselves) after the initial pandemic shock should have an expiration date," write @alex_owski, @NatashaFoote & @VMakszimov in The Brief.

    “Police raids have battering rams to break doors when they have legal access and we need online tools to open doors”, @YlvaJohansson. The EU executive will help countries work on encryption-breaking to help fight organised crime. @VMakszimov reports.

    Selon un rapport de @WWF, l'UE serait le 2e plus gros responsable de "déforestation importée" du monde, après la Chine. 👇

    🔴 LEAK: Commission's draft #AI regulation seeks to prohibit indiscriminate surveillance, AI systems that manipulate human behaviour & predictive AI that targets vulnerabilities, with a 4% turnover penalty. @SamuelStolton took a look at the draft👇

    Today in The Capitals - powered by @CSS_Conference: Baltic countries 🇪🇪🇱🇻🇱🇹 ready to cut last ties to Soviet past by joining the Continental Europe electricity network 🇪🇺 Parliament to look into Commission’s multi-million bill with consultancy firms