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Elections 18-06-2019

Orban lost in the European wilderness

Despite securing a place among the very few European leaders with a landslide victory under their belt in the EU election, Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán is not celebrating, write Balázs Jarábik and Dániel Bartha.
EU Elections 2019 23-05-2019

EU elections: Two parties try to inject hate into Danish politics

The heated debate over refugees, minorities and Islam has affected the upcoming elections in Denmark, writes Bashy Quraishy.
EU Elections 2019 23-05-2019

EU elections in Hungary: The Catch ‘19

Hungary is now caught in an anti-migration and xenophobic discourse as the society did not have the chance to learn or prepare enough, and now it seems almost impossible to change this situation, writes Marcell Lörincz.
EU Elections 2019 16-04-2019

EU elections revive Eurosceptic talks in Poland and Hungary

As we approach the EU elections, the Eurosceptic political rhetoric in Hungary and Poland is once again rising. This is hardly surprising, given the critical view the governing parties and their leaders, Viktor Orbán and Jaroslaw Kaczyński, share towards the EU...

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Today in The Capitals: 🇮🇹Diplomatic intrigue at @FAO casts doubt on Italy’s loyalty to the EU. 🇬🇧“No evidence” of Russian Brexit interference. 🇧🇪 Belgian stalemate continues.

🇫🇷 @EPhilippePM will einen „neuen Raum für den politischen Dialog mit Russland eröffnen" 🇬🇷 Wahlen ohne Debatte 🇸🇰 Doppelstandards bei Lebensmittelqualität 🇧🇪 Pattsituation im politisch fragmentierten Belgien 🇨🇿 Brüssel soll schwach bleiben…

The EU will only be able to do its job if it uses 21st-century tools, officials warn.

The EU calls for "the urgent need for restraint" and the "immediate de-escalation" of tensions in the Middle East. 📝 @SamuelStolton

Boris Johnson acknowledges that London will need cooperation from the EU to cushion potential shocks in the event of a no-deal #Brexit.

"In Istanbul we will build the future." Up until recently an unknown politician, Imamoglu has now become the symbol of the opposition to Erdoğan, breaking his aura of invincibility.

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