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To the average citizen, the political groups in the European Parliament are a vaguely familiar concept. But there is much less knowledge of the European political parties (as opposed to groups) and the think-tanks that are affiliated to them. Our guide ⬇️

Die Europäische Investitionsbank – nächster Schritt hin zur #Klimabank Europas? ✍️@e3g berichtet.…

What do you call a political party that is not allowed to campaign? The answer: European. It sounds and, indeed, is counterintuitive but that is the strait-jacket that the pan-European political parties find themselves trapped in.

With its more than 50 states and a growing population, Merkel acknowledged Africa’s “important role” in solving global problems. Full article ➡️

An independent, free press is fundamental to democracy, "otherwise we would be left with nothing", @Vestager told @SamuelStolton on the sidelines of our 20 year celebration. #VisionForEurope Watch the full interview ➡️

EIB verkündet “Quantensprung”: ❌ Ab 2022: keine Finanzierung fossiler Energieprojekte ✔️ Investitionsprogramm für erneuerbare Energien, Energieeffizienz & grüne Innovation 💶 1 Bio. € für Klimaschutz und umweltverträgliche Projekte 🇩🇪 schließt sich an

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