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EU Elections 2019 14-02-2019

Over a Coffee with Ska Keller and Bas Eickhout, lead candidates for the Greens

Ska Keller and Bas Eickhout, lead candidates in the European Elections for the Greens meet with EURACTIV’s Brian Maguire over a coffee to talk about the upcoming EU elections.

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It is hard not to see Macron’s influence in @vonderleyen’s speech presenting her team of Commissioner-designates, or in the amount of top EU jobs obtained by France. But the idea of a powerful Europe is also seducing the Germans.

Die neue @EU_Commission und der neue Wille zur Macht. „Deutschland muss diese Gelegenheit nutzen, um wieder eine aktive Rolle in Europa zu übernehmen. Seit der Eurokrise haben wir unsere Rolle darauf reduziert, neue Initiativen zu stoppen,“ so @fbrantner.

Treffen der #Eurogroup. "Ich denke wirklich, dass es jetzt an der Zeit ist, sich zu entscheiden und mehr Investitionen, mehr Wachstum und mehr Wohlstand zu schaffen", forderte @BrunoLeMaire.

📅 Parliamentary hearings will begin on 30/09 with two candidates in the spotlight. Six more will face the music on the 1, 2 and 3/10. Three will follow on 7/10, with the three executive VPs concluding proceedings on 8/10. More on EURACTIV's tracker.

The Capitals: 🇪🇺Macron’s EU party draws ‘red line’ on Commission hearings. 🇫🇷Toward a stronger Europe. 🇪🇸Spanish King as mediator. 🇮🇹From one Matteo to another. 🇬🇷Migration headaches. 🇧🇬Pressure on critical journalists. 🇨🇿EU presidency budget blues.

“It confirms our ideological victory.” Le Pen says about the appointment of @MargSchinas as commissioner for “protecting the European way of life.”

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