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OPINION | As the EU suffers from “enlargement fatigue”, perhaps membership of the European Economic Area will prove a useful stepping stone for Georgia in its rightful quest to join the Union, writes @FraserMCameron.

„Es ist inakzeptabel, ausschließlich über Umwelt und Klima zu diskutieren, und nicht auf die Landwirtschaft einzugehen, da diese drei Konzepte voneinander abhängig sind“, sagte @MEPDanielBuda.

Europe’s support in Hong Kong is needed to “urge Beijing to accept requests from the Hong Kong people,” leading activist Joshua Wong has told EURACTIV, as violence took hold of the city. 📝 @SamuelStolton from Hong Kong.

Von der Leyen's ideas on climate have long been propagated by France, but have been ignored by Germany so far. Can the next Commission President change that?

France wants to make access to European funds conditional on the European minimum wage and respect for the rule of law. 🎙️ Interview with @AdeMontchalin 👇

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