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Economy & Jobs 28-04-2022

UK confirms plan not to introduce checks on EU goods until 2024

The UK government has decided not to impose customs checks on EU imports until the end of 2023, in a major policy U-turn announced on Thursday (28 April).
Economy & Jobs 27-04-2022

EU Commission wants to scrap import tariffs for Ukraine

The European Commission proposed on Wednesday (27 April) scrapping for one year all EU tariffs and quotas on products imported from Ukraine, in a bid to support the Ukrainian economy that is suffering heavy losses due to the ongoing Russian invasion.
Economy & Jobs 26-04-2022

Mayor: Culture and technology will shape Malaga’s future post-COVID

Strengthening the cultural elements and a focus on innovation-driven projects are the driving forces for Malaga’s future after the pandemic, Mayor Francisco de la Torre told EFE in an interview.
Economy & Jobs 22-04-2022

Ukraine war spells ‘end of globalisation as we know it’, says EU’s Gentiloni

The war in Ukraine has shown the limitations of the decades-long German approach of seeking to change Russia through trade and spells the end of globalisation as we know it, the European Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni said on Thursday (21 April).
EU-China 01-04-2022

EU leaders to press China on stance towards Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

EU leaders will press their Chinese counterparts on Beijing's position and potential role amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine in a virtual meeting on Friday (1 April), marking the first EU-China summit since June 2020.
Technology 28-03-2022

French presidential election: consensus among candidates on European tech protectionism

"Buy European Act" or not, the presidential candidates agree on the need to direct more public procurement towards European digital actors in order to be able, one day maybe, to fight on equal terms against the American or Chinese giants.
Economy & Jobs 24-03-2022

Is transatlantic trade back on the table?

As the Russian invasion is forcing the EU to cut many of the economic ties it still has with Russia, the US under president Biden are presenting themselves as the obvious partner for the future.
Economy & Jobs 15-03-2022

With China in mind, EU agrees on rules to force open tenders

Negotiators from the European Parliament and member state governments agreed on Monday (14 March) on new rules to limit access to the two trillion euros worth of European public tenders in a move designed to pressure countries such as China to open up their markets.
EU-China 09-03-2022

‘Lithuania mania’ sweeps Taiwan as China spat sizzles

The tiny handful of Lithuanians living in Taiwan is suddenly in vogue among the island's residents after their small Baltic nation did something Taipei has long staked its identity on: stand up to China.
Brexit 08-03-2022

UK faces hefty EU fine over Chinese import fraud

The UK faces a hefty fine for underreporting customs duties applied to Chinese footwear imports when it was still in the EU, according to a judgement on Tuesday by the European Court of Justice.
Economy & Jobs 25-02-2022

Comply or disengage, businesses ask after proposal of due diligence law

While the new EU directive on corporate sustainability due diligence aims at making companies engage more actively in improving conditions, some argue that the risks of sanctions and civil liability might deter investment to the detriment of economic development.
Economy & Jobs 23-02-2022

EU sets out plans to make firms accountable for human rights violations

EU commissioners Thierry Breton and Didier Reynders presented the Commission's proposal for a corporate sustainability due diligence directive in Brussels on 23 February, arguing that its mix of due diligence processes, public oversight, and civil liability measures would drive more sustainable trade.
Economy & Jobs 21-02-2022

WTO might regress to ‘maintenance mode’, says Bruegel analyst

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) is likely to regress to a maintenance mode with weak and largely unenforceable rules, while regional hegemons move to secure their trade interests unilaterally, according to a new policy paper by the influential economic think tank Bruegel.
Economy & Jobs 16-02-2022

Belgium permits four-day week, right to disconnect

Belgian employees will be able to work a four-day week after the government on Tuesday (15 February) agreed a new labour accord aimed at bringing flexibility to an otherwise rigid labour market.
Economy & Jobs 15-02-2022

Taiwan joins WTO case against China over Lithuania

Taiwan has joined the United States and Australia in backing a European Union trade case against China at the World Trade Organization over Beijing's alleged trade curbs on Lithuania, its foreign ministry said on Tuesday (15 February).
EU-China 10-02-2022

China suspends Lithuanian beef imports as Taiwan row grows

China has suspended imports of beef from Lithuania since Wednesday (9 February), the General Administration of Customs said, amid a growing trade spat with the Baltic nation and its Western allies centred on Chinese-claimed Taiwan.
Brexit 09-02-2022

Post-pandemic trade set to increase border disruption, warn UK lawmakers

Despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic it is “clear that EU exit has had an impact, and that new border arrangements have added costs to business”, states a report published on Wednesday (9 February) by the UK Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee.
Economy & Jobs 09-02-2022

Lithuania urges countries to resist Chinese ‘coercion’

China will target more countries with "economic coercion" unless "like-minded" nations push back, Lithuania's foreign minister warned Wednesday during a trip to Canberra to open the country's first embassy in Australia.
Economy & Jobs 08-02-2022

Company coalition calls for robust human rights due diligence laws

With EU legislation on mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence to be proposed by the EU Commission in February, a cross-sectoral coalition of EU companies have called for it to adopt a risk-based approach and apply to all companies operating in Europe.
Global Europe 04-02-2022

EU, US agree to resume trade in mussels, clams and oysters

The European Union and the United States have agreed to resume trade in mussels, clams and oysters from the end of February after they were halted more than a decade ago, marking another step in improved transatlantic relations.
A container ship is leaving the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda.
Economy & Jobs 31-01-2022

Lithuanian growth prospects unfazed by China row – for now

While the row with China has not yet influenced the short-term economic development of Lithuania, jittery investors might be a risk for medium and long-term growth prospects, Tadas Povilauskas, chief economist of Lithuania’s largest bank, told EURACTIV.
EU-China 28-01-2022

EU launches WTO case against China over Lithuania row

The European Union angered China on Thursday (27 January) by launching a case against Beijing at the World Trade Organization for targeting Lithuania over its stance on Taiwan.
France's Foreign Trade Minister Franck Riester in the Europa building of the EU Council in Brussels
Economy & Jobs 25-01-2022

Lawmakers criticise French EU Presidency for inaction on trade

Trade minister Franck Riester faced criticism in the European Parliament on Monday (24 January) for the "glamorous silence" of the French EU Council presidency when it comes to free trade agreements.
Economy & Jobs 18-01-2022

British trade with Ireland slumps following Brexit

Goods exports from Great Britain to Ireland have dropped by 20% since the United Kingdom left the single market, according to data published on Monday by Ireland’s Central Statistics Office.