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  • TTIP: what’s really in it for businesses?

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 27-05-2016

    The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is one of the biggest political decisions of this European political term. A free trade agreement between the world’s two largest economies has the potential to provide clear positive effects to the world economy.

  • Chief TTIP negotiator: Greenpeace statements ‘wrong’


    The EU's chief TTIP negotiator Ignacio Garcia Bercero said on Monday that Greenpeace’s leaked text about EU-US negotiations on a transatlantic trade deal “is not a reflection of the outcome of the negotiation.”

  • Fostering a balanced debate on TTIP

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 19-04-2016

    Susan Danger, Managing Director of AmCham EU, talks about the partnership between AmCham EU and EURACTIV.

  • CETA, TTIP and ISDS: Lessons from Canada

    Promoted content 14-04-2016

    A new video is set to spark debate on CETA (the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) with the deal on the verge of a vote this year in the European Parliament, where opponents hope it will be defeated.

  • Rem Korteweg: TTIP could make Europe more anti-American, anti-free trade


    In an interview with EURACTIV’s Multimedia Director Evan Lamos, TTIP expert Rem Korteweg said that if TTIP negotiators don’t take into account the concerns of European citizens on the free trade deal, “it could feed into the populist eurosceptic narrative we see in various parts of Europe”.

  • What will TTIP mean for the UK?

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 31-03-2016

    The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed free-trade agreement between the European Union and the United States.

  • Say No to Market Economy Status for China

    Promoted content 29-03-2016

    We are staunch advocates for free and fair trade. Dumped steel imports from China, volumes of which have doubled in 18 months, are flooding the EU market and directly causing irreversible closures and job losses across the EU steel sector.

  • Trade for democracy in South-East Asia

    Special Report | Promoted content | ASEAN 18-03-2016

    The European Commission’s “Trade for All” strategy aims at increasing the effectiveness and transparency of the EU’s trade policy, as well as promoting the respect of European values and responsible practices among trade partners.

  • Quinlan: TTIP 2020 more realistic than 2016

    Economy & Jobs 17-03-2016

    Even if trade talks for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are accelerating, reaching a deal by the end of the year is unlikely, Joseph  Quinlan, Senior Fellow, Center for Transatlantic Relations, Johns Hopkins University said in an interview with EURACTIV.

  • Mercosur ready to exchange trade offers with the EU in April

    Global Europe 17-03-2016

    The EU and the Mercosur trade bloc are ready to exchange trade proposals in April and revive stalled talks to open their economies, Argentina trade minister Miguel Braun told EURACTIV during a visit to Brussels to meet his counterpart.

  • Nanocyl: A Belgian research-based SME

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 11-03-2016

    Know-how and confidential business information (trade secrets) are important for the competitiveness of European businesses. These intangible assets are fundamental to the innovation and research efforts of many SMEs.

  • TTIP: What opportunities for France?

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 23-02-2016

    The World Trade Institute published a study on "TTIP and the EU member states" in January, ahead of the latest round of negotiations between the European Union and the United States.

  • Bourgeois: Time for EU, US to speed up TTIP negotiations

    Economy & Jobs 22-02-2016

    As negotiators prepare for the 12th round of TTIP talks on Monday (22 February), the challenge remains for both parties to get out of their comfort zones, make compromises to reach a substantive political agreement by the end of the year, said Hendrik Bourgeois, chair of TTIP Taskforce of AMCHAM EU.

  • TTIP: What next for jobs and growth?

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 20-10-2015

    Negotiations between the United States and the European Union on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership began in July 2013.

  • Social policy in the European Union: state of play 2015

    Promoted content | Social Europe & Jobs 07-10-2015

    The sixteenth edition of Social policy in the European Union: state of play has a triple ambition. First, it provides easily accessible information to a wide audience about recent developments in both EU and domestic social policymaking. Second, the volume provides a more analytical reading, embedding the key developments of the year 2014 in the most recent academic discourses. Third, the forward-looking perspective of the book aims to provide stakeholders and policymakers with specific tools that allow them to discern new opportunities to influence policymaking.

  • EU-Taiwan relations need update

    Promoted content | Global Europe 07-10-2015

    Taiwanese businesses thinking to invest abroad do not automatically think about Europe because bilateral relations between the two commercial partners have been low-profile, said Francis Kuo-Hsin Liang, Chairman of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, in an interview with EURACTIV. “We need to push that to a higher profile,” he added, speaking in favour of a Bilateral Investment Agreement.

  • Commission denies PR own goal over redacted trade documents


    The European Commission has denied that its decision to redact huge swathes of documents detailing meetings with Big Tobacco companies had been a public relations disaster.

  • Europe’s coffee trade: Grounds for reform?

    Agrifood 08-07-2015

    Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world. 1.6 billion cups are consumed every day and the global market is worth 64 billion euros. But do coffee farmers get a fair share of the profits?

  • Mining CEO: ‘China rolling out impressive visionary policies’


    "China is rolling out impressive visionary policies," said Sam Walsh, CEO of Rio Tinto, a British-Australian multinational metals and mining corporation with headquarters in London.

  • Hubert Weber: Industry 4.0 is crucial

    Special Report 08-05-2015

    “There is so much opportunity to talk to consumers in the digital space, in social media across the EU,” said Mondelez Europe's President Hubert Weber at the 2015 European Business Summit in Brussels.

  • Thomas Reynaert: We are far from having a complete EU single market

    Special Report 08-05-2015

    “There is a lack of implementation of many important directives. For instance, with the energy efficiency buildings directive we see a lot of problems in member states,” said Thomas Thomas Reynaert, President of United Technologies' International Operations in Europe during the 2015 European Business Summit.

  • Thomas Tindemans: ‘The EU is facing existential questions again’

    Special Report 08-05-2015

    During the 2015 European Business Summit in Brussels, Hill+Knowlton Chief Executive Officer Thomas Tindemans spoke to EURACTIV about the current state of business in Europe.

  • Jeffrey Immelt: TTIP negotiations can’t lose momentum


    “TTIP will open up global markets for every small and medium business. If you like SME, you must believe in trade,” said General Electric's CEO Jeffrey Immelt.

  • TTIP transparency transformed by campaigners, says EU Ombudsman

    Economy & Jobs 21-04-2015

    Civil society organisations campaigning for greater transparency in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) have transformed the way it, and perhaps other future trade deals, are negotiated, the European Ombudsman has told EURACTIV.

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