Central Asia 21-12-2020

Kazakhstan: the new EU Green Gateway to East Asia.

As the European Union is revising the TEN-T rail freight corridors under the new Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, the effective connection of the Eurasian rail routes with the EU Core Backbone Network is a key priority, writes Pierre Borgoltz.
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Astropreneurs are cleared for landing

For the past 36 months, the Astropreneurs project has been helping Europe’s space-based start-ups turn innovative ideas into viable businesses. That work was showcased this week during two virtual events.
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Aviation 15-12-2020

The benefits of Sustainable Aviation Fuel go beyond CO₂

We already know that Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) provides cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels, achieving up to 80% reduction in lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to fossil jet fuels. But what is less well known is the fact that...
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The essence of essentiality: Get the basics right on ‘Essential Uses’

The European Commission's new chemicals plan intends to ban any substances deemed hazardous and non-essential. Violaine Verougstraete explains why a different approach to this is needed.
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How renewable fuels in the maritime sector can support a just and inclusive energy transition

In the transport sector, the most cost-efficient climate emission reductions can be made in the maritime segment, write Loes Knotter and Eric van den Heuvel.
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Aviation 02-12-2020

A Green Recovery for Aviation

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the European aviation sector particularly hard. Almost 90% of Europe’s flights were grounded from March to May, and today that figure stands at 62%. The entire aviation sector will continue to face significant challenges in...

The Commission needs to outline a truly transformative vision for transport

The European Commission will unveil on 9 December its strategy on Smart and Sustainable Mobility. Green MEP Ciarán Cuffe explains what he expects to see in the plan.
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The inclusion of personal light electric vehicles in road traffic

This document proposes a range of safety improvements for enabling PLEVs. CITA believes that these vehicles shouldn't be treated as toys and should be regulated accordingly. Safety can only be achieved effectively by providing a recommendation for a harmonized approval framework within the EU.
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Keeping ahead of the curve – CEDR’s Transnational Research Programme

The aim of the CEDR annual Transnational Research Programme (TRP) is to support cooperation between European national road administrations in addressing common challenges through research and innovation. CEDR’s Research Call 2020 is open for proposals as of 20 November 2020.
Shipping 17-11-2020

Much more ambition needed to clean up shipping

International Maritime Organisation plans and ambitions on cutting greenhouse gas emissions fall well short of what is needed, explain MEPs Jutta Paulus, Jytte Guteland and Catherine Chabaud.
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Towards climate-neutral aviation: Blending mandate for the European Union

Aviation is the fastest growing transport sector, and it will continue to grow despite the current COVID-19 crisis. Regulatory support is needed to achieve the sector’s emission reduction targets.
Aerospace 12-11-2020

Airbus Horribilis: A nightmarish year masks a growing strategic role

The EU may need its flagship aero manufacturer more than it realises.  With the stakes running high, Brussels has a vested interest in seeing Airbus emerge strongly from its horrible 2020, argues Cameron Rimington.
Electric vehicles 11-11-2020

New battery law could help Europe lead the green battery race

Batteries are about to become the new gold in Europe, but there must be sufficient regulation to ensure they are clean and sourced ethically, write Alex Keynes and Cecilia Mattea
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Why road transport needs data governance

Data is power. In the world of road transport, where vehicles and companies generate huge amounts of data, who holds this power? With no legal framework to regulate the use of business-to-business (B2B) data at the EU level, the question...
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Benchmarking Europe’s road networks: aiming for excellence

The Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) has published its latest biannual Performance Report which summarises the performance of the TEN-T road network. Despite increased traffic, road safety levels remain extremely high on motorways remaining steady since 2015.
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Agrifood 28-10-2020

Alternative fuels are essential to delivering the Green Deal

Decarbonising road transport requires making the most of low-carbon solutions that work in the vehicles Europeans continue to rely on. In a new joint position paper, a coalition of EU alternative fuels producers and suppliers offers a way to turn failure into success when it comes to reducing transport emissions.
Economy & Jobs 28-10-2020

Member states take action before EU court against first Mobility Package

Seven EU countries have lodged individual complaints to the Court of Justice of the EU (ECJ) against the Mobility Package I. In the near future, Latvia and Estonia also intend to join the complaint of one of the above mentioned like-minded member states.
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Agrifood 27-10-2020

Advanced biofuels, avoiding a second missed opportunity

The recast of the Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) marks the first time that a European Directive needs to be significantly amended just a year and a half after its adoption and before even it was transposed into national law, write...
Biomass 23-10-2020

The answer to deforestation lies in space

The use of satellite technology to track and halt real-time cases of deforestation in a country like Malaysia could become a “blueprint” for ending deforestation in the Amazon, writes Daniel Mackisack.
Railways 20-10-2020

The Channel Tunnel: the other Brexit border?

On 8 October 2020, the European Parliament approved legislation to ensure safe Channel Tunnel operations post-Brexit transition. In addition to COVID-19, Brexit will have far-reaching consequences for cross-Channel border connections. History highlights what is at stake.
Aviation 25-09-2020

Aviation is an irreplaceable force for good in the world

Aviation’s precious role in society is at risk, as borders remain closed and influential voices in Europe call for permanent curbs on flying, warns Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury.
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Strengthening road safety aspects of European Roadworthiness Package

Since relevant components of vehicles during their service life continuously deteriorate, it is necessary to carry out periodic vehicle inspections in Europe, adapted to the level of susceptibility of use, in order to ensure long-term road safety and low emissions.
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The (necessary) rise of LNG

LNG is an acronym that serves as shorthand for Liquified Natural Gas. Today, together with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), it is the futureproof transport fuel for which vehicles and infrastructure are already largely available, affordable, and most importantly, have the lowest emissions.

Europe must lead on electrifying urban mobility

Without bold and fast action to transform the way we move around in our cities, we will be unable to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and air pollution, warn Anabel Diaz and William Todts, as ride-hailing firm Uber announces a new global zero-emission goal.