EU citizens’ rights case to go to UK top court

The fate of EU nationals with temporary status in the UK will go to judicial review, a High Court judge ruled on Thursday (30 June), in a legal case with major implications for around 2.5 million EU nationals living in the UK with five year residency. 

Sturgeon sets out plans for October 2023 Scottish independence vote

The Scottish government has put itself on a constitutional collision course with the UK government after it set out plans to hold a second independence referendum in October 2023.

UK presses on with changes to Brexit deal despite EU opposition

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government will press ahead on Monday (27 June) with legislation to scrap rules on post-Brexit trade with Northern Ireland, setting up further clashes with the European Union. The legislation, which would unilaterally replace parts of...

EU sues UK following ‘illegal’ Northern Ireland protocol law

The EU opened legal proceedings against the UK on Wednesday (15 June) in the wake of London’s decision to table a new law that would unilaterally override parts of the Northern Ireland protocol.

In blow to UK’s Johnson, Council of Europe stops asylum-seekers’ flight to Rwanda

A first flight carrying asylum seekers to Rwanda as part of a controversial UK policy was cancelled on Tuesday (14 June), in an embarrassing blow to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government.

Explainer: What is in Britain’s proposed new post-Brexit law for Northern Ireland

Britain published legislation on Monday (13 June) to tackle disruption to post-Brexit trade with Northern Ireland, setting out measures it says are needed to protect peace in the British-ruled province but which are sure to antagonise the European Union.

UK could face EU sanctions over new NI protocol bill

The European Commission is set to reopen infringement proceedings against the UK that could lead to the collapse of the post Brexit trade deal after London on Monday tabled a new law designed to unilaterally overhaul the Northern Ireland protocol.

Embattled Johnson faces rebel threat to protocol law

Boris Johnson faces challenging parliamentary arithmetic in Westminster in the coming weeks as his UK government prepares to table a new law to override the Northern Ireland protocol.

UK prepares for life without Horizon Europe ahead of ‘last round of talks’

The UK government is preparing to abandon its attempts should ‘a last round of talks’ fail to break an 18 month impasse on whether UK universities and researchers can access the EU’s €95.5 billion Horizon Europe research and innovation programme.

Boris Johnson: The ‘greased piglet’ slips away again

All politicians need luck and Boris Johnson -- once described as a "greased piglet" for his uncanny powers of political escapology -- has had more than most in his career.

Boris Johnson launches new ‘Partygate’ defence as rebels mobilise

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday (31 May) denied breaching the UK government's ministerial code of conduct, as he bids to head off a growing Conservative revolt over the "Partygate" scandal.

EU and UK must compromise over protocol, businesses tell US lawmakers

Both the EU and the UK will have to make further compromises in order to resolve the long-running disagreement over the functioning of the Northern Ireland protocol, business leaders in Northern Ireland told US lawmakers on Friday (27 May).
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Russian hackers are linked to new Brexit leak website, Google says

A new website that published leaked emails from several leading proponents of Britain's exit from the European Union is tied to Russian hackers, according to a Google cybersecurity official and the former head of UK foreign intelligence.

Sinn Fein’s McDonald says ‘bad faith’ UK government boosts united Ireland case

Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald on Wednesday (18 May) said Britain’s proposals to override some post-Brexit trade rules in Northern Ireland were “astonishing” and yet another move by London that only serves to boost the Irish nationalist party’s quest...

EU threatens sanctions after UK proposes law to override NI protocol

UK foreign secretary Liz Truss outlined plans for a new law to override parts of the Northern Ireland protocol on Tuesday (17 May), insisting that the plans would be legal under international law.

UK to table law to override NI protocol as ‘insurance’ policy, says Johnson

The UK is expected to set out plans on Tuesday  (17 May) to table legislation allowing it to override parts of the controversial Northern Ireland Protocol, though Prime Minister Boris Johnson insisted that this was only an ‘insurance policy’.

United Kingdom hopes for a return to Eurovision glory, reverse of Brexit bias

A quarter of a century has passed since the UK last won the Eurovision Song Contest, leading to years of speculation on whether political events such as Brexit crushed their chances of winning, but this year the tables may well turn.

NI protocol on the brink as London warns it will ‘have no choice but to act’

Talks between the EU and UK aimed at resolving the status of the controversial Northern Ireland protocol appear to be on the brink of collapse, after London warned on Thursday 12 May that it would ‘have no choice but to act’.

UK faces crisis as Unionists threaten to block new NI government

The UK appears to be heading for a major political crisis in Northern Ireland after the leader of the largest Unionist party, which finished second in last week’s Assembly elections, said that he would block the formation of a new devolved government in Belfast.

Sinn Fein calls for united Ireland debate after historic election win

Sinn Fein, the former political wing of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), hailed its first victory in a Northern Ireland Assembly election as a "defining moment" for the British-controlled region and called for a debate on a united Ireland.

London drops plan for bill to override NI protocol

The UK government appears to have shelved plans to introduce a bill that would override the controversial Northern Ireland protocol.

‘Embarrassed to be British’ say Brits living in EU

Many Britons living in the EU feel disconnected from and embarrassed by their country since Brexit, according to new research published on Wednesday.

UK voters head to polls with historic Northern Ireland result predicted

Polls open across the UK on Thursday (5 May) in local and regional elections that could prove historic in Northern Ireland and heap further pressure on embattled Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Nationalists eye power as Northern Ireland holds ‘seismic’ election

A century after its fraught foundation, Northern Ireland looks set for a constitutional earthquake this week with the pro-Irish party Sinn Fein on course to win regional elections.