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  • Commons vote 313 to 312 to seek Brexit extension


    The British government and the main opposition were to hold further crisis talks on Thursday  (4 April) after MPs voted in favour of a Brexit delay that would avoid Britain crashing out of the EU on 12 April.

  • Moscovici on no-deal Brexit: ‘We are as ready as we can be’


    As the deadlock over the UK's exit from the EU continues, the bloc has stepped up its preparation for a no-deal Brexit, in particular in the customs area, as border checks will become necessary "overnight" if the UK crashes out without a deal.

  • The Brief – Brexit à la carte


    Rarely in politics does despair become hope, as has happened with the Brexit negotiations. By extending the olive branch to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – who she has spent the last two years lampooning as ‘unfit to govern’, Theresa May has …

  • Juncker: Short extension only if UK approves Brexit deal before 10 April


    The EU could consider a short extension of the Article 50 talks with London if the House of Commons backs the Withdrawal Agreement before 12 April, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told the European Parliament on Wednesday (3 April).

  • Gibraltar is a ‘colony,’ MEPs say


    MEPs in the European Parliament's justice committee have backed a regulation that refers to the British Overseas Terrority Gibraltar as a 'colony.' The main purpose of the text put forward by the EU member states is to offer visa-free access to the EU for UK citizens after Brexit, but has caused controversy over its choice of language.

  • May offers cross-party talks, increasing hopes of soft Brexit


    Prime Minister Theresa May appeared to pave the way for accepting a softer Brexit on Tuesday (April 2), as she offered to enter talks with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a bid to build cross-party support and break the Brexit impasse.

  • Dombrovskis warns of ‘disruptions’ in case of disorderly Brexit


    European Commission Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis warned on Tuesday (2 April) that UK’s disorderly departure from the EU could cause “disruptions” following decades of financial integration and bring volatility to markets and business operations.

  • No-deal Brexit could impact foreign and security policy, Barnier warns


    The EU should prepare for the implications of a no-deal Brexit on the future security partnership with the UK, the bloc's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, told the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee on Tuesday (2 April).

  • British MEP kicked out as rapporteur for Gibraltar visa waiver law


    A British member of the European Parliament lost his role negotiating a post-Brexit visa law on Monday (1 April), amid a dispute over a draft that refers to Gibraltar as a colony.

  • No deal Brexit ‘almost inevitable’ after UK MPs fail to break deadlock


    A 'no deal' Brexit has become 'almost inevitable" after UK lawmakers again failed to break the Brexit deadlock on Monday night (1 April), narrowly rejecting all four alternatives to Prime Minister Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement.

  • Betrayal hangs in the air as citizens’ revolt hits Westminster


    The sense of a citizens’ revolt hung heavy in the air around Westminster on Friday afternoon as a host of Leave supporting groups gathered for rallies, furious at the MPs who have denied them the Brexit they were promised. As it …

  • May under pressure to forge softer divorce deal


    Britain’s exit from the European Union was in disarray after the implosion of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit strategy left her under pressure from rival factions to leave without a deal, go for an election or forge a much softer divorce.


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