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  • The bigger EU problems hidden by Brexit


    Brexit's focus on minutiae is an unnecessary distraction from the more pressing challenges Europe must meet. Unity is crucial to Europe's security and well-being, writes Giles Merritt.

  • Personal data was weaponised against democracy in the EU – and can be again

    Data protection 04-04-2018

    With the recent revelations on the unlawful use of voters’ data to influence their choices, both the EU and its member states need to take legislative measures to prevent such campaigning which violated privacy rights and eroded democracy. The first step should be ending the lack of transparency, writes Nomi Byström.

  • With one year to go, UK and EU have much to prove to the young generation


    Policymakers on both sides of Brexit negotiations owe a duty of care to the young Britons who overwhelmingly voted “Remain” by delivering a fair deal and putting the future above political intentions, writes Andrianos Giannou.

  • Brexit financial services deal will be difficult


    The industry has accepted that so-called “passporting” rights will not be possible after Britain leaves the EU.  The concept of “equivalence” has been mooted as a solution but even agreeing to that will be difficult, writes Mark Boleat.

  • Ukraine is no blueprint for Brexit success


    At first glance the Ukraine association agreement appears to realise the Brexiteers’ vision of greater sovereignty while maintaining close economic ties with Europe. But on closer inspection, it comes at a price that the UK will find impossible to pay, argues Beth Oppenheim.

  • The unbearable lightness of Brexit delusions


    This week’s developments might cheer those who want to see the UK leave the EU. But they are a rude awakening for those who argued leaving the EU had no costs and a sad reminder that leaving the EU will be an act of self-harm, writes Petros Fassoulas.

  • Barnier-Davis deal puts off all key decisions as Brexiternity beckons


    A Brexiternity beckons for the years ahead, well past the next general election, as political, economic and policy shapers will debate and disagree on what kind of Brexit the UK wants and needs, writes Denis MacShane.

  • A specific Brexit finance deal benefits the EU

    Economy & Jobs 15-03-2018

    By not embracing the UK financial sector in a future trade deal, the EU might chase global capital markets away from Europe. The idea that Europe will win by keeping London at arm’s length is naïve at best, writes Georges Ugeux.

  • Duff: post-Brexit association agreement one step closer


    The resolution on Brexit voted with a large majority in the European Parliament today (March 14) sketches the outlines of a new EU-UK association agreement and brings us one step closer towards a dynamic post-Brexit relationship, writes Andrew Duff.

  • Tackling Fake News: To be continued

    Digital 12-03-2018

    Fake news has been blamed for the election of Trump, the Brexit vote and the rise of populist parties in Europe. A High Level Expert Group (HLEG) on fake news has been set up by the European Commission to suggest how to address the problem. Žiga Turk, one of the members, shares his comments on their Final Report, released earlier today (March 12).

  • Trump is no ally on trade for post-Brexit Britain

    Economy & Jobs 09-03-2018

    If there were any faint hopes that the deep cultural and commercial ties between the UK and the US would secure a sweetheart free trade deal for the smaller UK, they are now surely dashed, writes Noah Gordon.

  • Debt: A measure of EU democracies illness

    EU Priorities 2020 02-03-2018

    In discussions over the EU's next multi-annual budget, EU institutions need to pursue their efforts to decrease the burden of debt, write Cécile Philippe and Diego Sanchez de la Cruz.

  • Tony Blair is right on immigration but did nothing to control freedom of movement


    After Brexit, the rest of Europe will control freedom of movement sensibly without discriminating on grounds of nationality, adhering to the principle that has been in all European treaties since 1950, writes Denis MacShane.

  • Two conflicts with the potential to increase European welfare

    EU Priorities 2020 01-03-2018

    The answer to two major European conflicts, Brexit-induced financial problems and the refugee crisis, could be welfare-enhancing. Only after implementing solutions to those problems can Europe start to reform governance and boost innovation, writes Karl Aiginger.

  • Cohesion Policy post-2020: Doing more with less and additional private funding

    Economy & Jobs 19-02-2018

    In the aftermath of Brexit, which is expected to create a financial gap of €14 billion per year, doing more with less has, once again, become a cliché. But this time it is different, writes centre-right MEP Maria Spyraki.


  • What freedom of movement means to business


    Although the question of European nationals in the UK has been addressed, the fate of UK nationals working in the EEA still remains unknown. It's a pressing topic for EU and UK businesses, writes Robert Glick.

  • Why transnational lists are good for European democracy

    Elections 06-02-2018

    Ahead of Wednesday's vote in the European Parliament, eight influential politicians from all the leading European parties explain why transnational lists will benefit European democracy.

  • May unwavering in China

    China 02-02-2018

    Even though the UK is currently weakened because of Brexit, May still stood her ground during her visit in China and did not bow down to their demands, showing true British stubbornness, writes Francois Godement.

  • The EU’s fake news fraud

    #Media4EU 23-01-2018

    The war against fake news is exaggerated and overwrought. If anything, European policymakers are engaging in their own form of dishonest, hysterical yellow news policymaking, argues William Echikson.

  • EU 2018: A big year to be big on big things

    Future EU 23-01-2018

    With European Parliament elections, a new European Commission and Brexit scheduled, attention of some EU observers is already beginning to drift to 2019. However, focus should not shift too fast as the twelve months ahead promise major EU developments, which could mark 2018 down in the annals of EU history, insists Tom Parker.

  • British have always detested the CAP: What now, with UKAP?

    Agrifood 22-01-2018

    Britain’s business world sees the transition period as a positive achievement, but for the UK it would be like jumping out of the EU plane without a parachute, writes Daniel Guéguen.


  • Europe needs more money for research, here’s where to get it

    Economy & Jobs 18-01-2018

    The lack of funding needed to achieve Europe's widely advertised ambitions for global excellence in research and innovation should be addressed in discussing Horizon 2020’s successor. Understanding the challenge and where the money could realistically come from is key, writes Thomas Estermann.

  • From Queen Mary to Macron – the Calais problem is eternal


    If the frontier was on British rather than on French soil, the French believe the immigrants would not be drawn to Calais, writes Denis MacShane.

  • Pro-Europeans in the UK have cause for optimism


    2018 will be the most important year for the Brexit process. With just over a year to go until the UK formally leaves the EU, there is still all to play for, where pro-Europeans in the UK like Open Britain can take courage from recent political and economic events.

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