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  • UK and Norway to open trade pact talks amid warnings of new trade barriers

    News 24-07-2020

    The UK and Norway will begin trade talks within the coming weeks in a bid to minimise disruption and lost business after the UK leaves the EU single market at the end of 2020.

  • The Brief – Poking the Bear

    Opinion 23-07-2020

    It only took a few short months for the accusation that the 2016 Brexit referendum was rigged, unfair and corrupt to start doing the rounds. This week, Boris Johnson’s government finally published the Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee report, which was …

  • EU-UK trade pact ‘unlikely’ this year, warns Barnier

    News 23-07-2020

    A trade agreement between the EU and the Uk is increasingly unlikely to be reached this year, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier warned on Thursday (23 July) following the last round of formal negotiations before a three-week summer break.

  • UK government failed to probe Russian ‘meddling’, say MPs

    News | Elections 22-07-2020

    British lawmakers slammed the government on Tuesday (21 July) for failing to look into possible Russian meddling in UK politics, particularly the divisive 2016 Brexit referendum, as they released a long-awaited report into the issue. The document by parliament's Intelligence and …

  • UK WTO nominee plays down Brexit row

    News 17-07-2020

    The UK’s nominee to lead the World Trade Organisation insisted on Friday (17 July) that Brexit would not derail his prospects, as the eight candidates to head the Geneva-based body made their first pitches for the job.

  • Britain publishes plans to keep internal trade flowing after Brexit

    News 16-07-2020

    Britain publishes plans on Thursday (16 July) to keep trade flowing freely between its constituent nations when regulatory powers are reclaimed from the European Union at the end of the year and redistributed to devolved governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • UK unveils post-Brexit border plans and ad campaign

    News 14-07-2020

    Britain on Monday (13 July) launched another Brexit advertising blitz and unveiled its first detailed proposals for managing the country's borders after cutting ties with the European Union.

  • UK unveils €800m EU border spending plan

    News 13-07-2020

    The UK unveiled plans on Sunday (12 July) to spend £705 million (€800m) on new infrastructure at its ports and border points to help smooth the flow of traffic after it leaves the EU single market on 31 December.

  • Step up ‘no deal’ planning, Barnier warns EU firms

    News 10-07-2020

    The EU’s chief negotiator on future relations with the UK warned EU businesses on Thursday (9 July) to step up their planning for a ‘no deal’ scenario when the UK leaves the Single Market at the end of 2020.

  • EU nationals shut out from UK welfare scheme, report warns

    News 09-07-2020

    EU citizens in the UK risk being shut out of accessing the country’s welfare system as a result of a little-known test that requires them to prove that they are permanently in the UK, according to research published on Thursday (9 July).

  • UK faces extra €2bn EU pensions bill

    News 03-07-2020

    The UK faces being slapped with a surprise €2 billion EU pensions bill, as a result of a 21% increase in EU officials' pension liabilities.

  • Post-Brexit trade pact suffers setback as ‘disagreements’ end talks early

    News 02-07-2020

    The prospects of a post-Brexit EU-UK trade deal being brokered this year suffered a new setback on Thursday (2 July) as the first round of in-person talks since the coronavirus pandemic broke up a day earlier with both sides citing ‘significant disagreements’.