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  • UK accuses EU of bad faith over Brexit transition plan

    News 09-02-2018

    A senior British minister yesterday (8 February) accused the European Union of acting in bad faith over a plan to sanction London if it breaks the rules of the post-Brexit transition period.

  • UK lawmakers consider EFTA as Brexit ‘half-way house’

    News 09-02-2018

    The slow pace of Brexit negotiations, and lack of clarity from Theresa May’s government on what its preferred trade arrangements with the bloc should be, has put membership of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) back on the table as a possible ‘halfway house’ measure.

  • The Brief – May muddles through… again

    News 08-02-2018

    Eighteen months after surprisingly winning the referendum that they had craved for so long, British Eurosceptics are increasingly depressed. They fear that the UK is sleep-walking into remaining a de facto member of the EU that will be paying into its budget and adopting EU laws without a say over them for the foreseeable future.

  • What freedom of movement means to business

    Opinion 08-02-2018

    Although the question of European nationals in the UK has been addressed, the fate of UK nationals working in the EEA still remains unknown. It's a pressing topic for EU and UK businesses, writes Robert Glick.

  • Soros donated money to campaign for second Brexit EU referendum

    News 08-02-2018

    George Soros, the billionaire who earned fame by betting against the British pound in 1992, contributed 400,000 pounds (€453,000) through his foundations to a campaign group which is seeking to halt Brexit, the group's chairman said yesterday (7 February).

  • Italian pharma chief: Dutch EMA bid ‘may have misled’ the Commission

    News 07-02-2018

    The smooth transition of the EU drug agency from London to Amsterdam is threatened by delays in the Netherlands, whose bid to win the agency may have been misleading, a top representative of Italian pharmaceuticals told