Global Europe 28-05-2022

Russia moves on key city of Severodonetsk, US ‘still committed’ to send rocket systems

Russian troops were approaching the strategic city of Severodonetsk on Friday (27 May) in a relentless offensive to control Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region, as the war triggered a historic schism between the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and its Russian patriarchate. Pro-Russian...
Europe's East 27-05-2022

EU realistically in for the long-haul on Russian oil ban

Hungary is digging in its heels, and the prospect of the sixth sanction package against Russia, including a ban on imports of Russian oil, being approved before the EU summit on Monday (30 May) is decreasing, EURACTIV understands.
Global Europe 27-05-2022

Pro-Russian separatists claim control of Lyman in east Ukraine

Russia's separatist proxies in eastern Ukraine claimed full control of the important battlefield town of Lyman on Friday (27 May), and Ukraine appeared to concede it, as Moscow presses its biggest advance for weeks.
Global Europe 27-05-2022

Zelenskyy loses patience with EU divisions over new Russia sanctions

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Thursday (26 May) denounced divisions inside the European Union over more sanctions against Russia and asked why some nations were being allowed to block the plan.
Global Europe 27-05-2022

Putin and Draghi discuss ways to help solve food crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Italy's Prime Minister Mario Draghi on Thursday (26 May) discussed ways to help ease the international food crisis, with the Kremlin saying this could be done only if the West lifts sanctions.
Global Europe 26-05-2022

Advancing Russian forces reach key highway out of Donbas cities

Advancing Russian forces came closer to surrounding Ukrainian troops in the east, briefly seizing positions on the last highway out of a crucial pair of Ukrainian-held cities before being beaten back, a Ukrainian official said on Thursday (26 May).
Global Europe 26-05-2022

Russia prepares to seize western firms looking to leave

Russia is advancing a new law allowing it to take control of the local businesses of western companies that decide to leave in the wake of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, raising the stakes for multinationals trying to exit.
Global Europe 26-05-2022

Zelenskyy lambasts idea of concessions to end war, evokes appeasement of Hitler

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Wednesday (25 May) savaged suggestions that Kyiv give up territory and make concessions to end the war with Russia, saying the idea smacked of attempts to appease Nazi Germany in 1938.
Global Europe 26-05-2022

In Davos, Ukraine says it ‘badly’ needs rocket systems

Ukraine's foreign minister said Wednesday (25 May) his country "badly" needed multiple launch rocket systems to match Russian firepower as he pressed Western allies for heavy weapons at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss Alps.
Agrifood 25-05-2022

Commission considers easing rules on crop rotation to grow more wheat

The Commission is open to a German proposal to delay new EU rules on crop rotation in order to increase wheat production in the light of the Ukraine war, after the idea won approval from a number of member states.
Europe's East 25-05-2022

Tanks, but no ammo – Germany’s Ukraine pledges show military muddle

Four weeks ago, Germany agreed to send dozens of anti-aircraft tanks to help defend Ukraine from Russia's invasion, in a turning-point after decades of military restraint. Berlin says it can deliver the first Gepard tanks in July.
Economy & Jobs 25-05-2022

More voices join call for EU grants instead of loans for Ukraine

Experts are calling on the EU to give Ukraine short-term budgetary aid in the form of grants instead of loans, citing concern over the impact of massive debt on the country's economy.
Global Europe 25-05-2022

EU cracks over Ukraine widen ahead of summit as Italy, Hungary urge truce

Italy and Hungary have urged the EU to call for a ceasefire in Ukraine and peace talks with Russia, putting themselves at odds with other member states determined to take a hard line with Moscow ahead of next week's summit.
Global Europe 25-05-2022

Russia ready to allow ships leaving Ukraine with food in exchange of lifting of sanctions

Russia is ready to provide a humanitarian corridor for vessels carrying food to leave Ukraine, in return for the lifting of some sanctions, the Interfax news agency cited Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko as saying on Wednesday (25 May).
Global Europe 25-05-2022

Ukraine gathers Russian dead in chilled train for prisoner exchange

Ukraine is gathering the bodies of dead Russian soldiers strewn among the rubble of formerly occupied towns and using everything from DNA to tattoos to verify their identities in the hope of exchanging them for prisoners of war.
Disinformation 25-05-2022

Russian parliament passes bill allowing Moscow to close Western news bureaus

Russia's parliament on 24 May passed a bill giving prosecutors powers to shut foreign media bureaus in Moscow if a Western country has been "unfriendly" to Russian media, following the closure of some Russian state news outlets in the West.
Global Europe 25-05-2022

Donbas fighting rages as Russia eyes prolonged war in Ukraine

Russia signalled on Tuesday (24 May) it was bedding in for a long war in Ukraine as the conflict entered its fourth month with heavy fighting in the east but signs of some normality returning elsewhere.
Europe's East 25-05-2022

EU to unveil plans for seizing Russian assets frozen by sanctions

The Commission is set to unveil plans on 25 May which will make it easier to confiscate frozen assets linked to serious illegal activities and suspected criminals, including those evading EU sanctions against Russia, according to documents seen by EURACTIV.
Europe's East 24-05-2022

No Russia oil embargo discussion at EU summit, says Hungary’s Orbán

Hungary will not drop its opposition to an EU embargo on Russian oil any time soon, and so EU leaders should not discuss the issue at next week’s summit in Brussels, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told European Council President Charles...
Agrifood 24-05-2022

Von der Leyen: Russia weaponises hunger, grain as way to wield global power

Russia is deliberately weaponising food and hunger to wield global power, according to European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen, who warned that it is the world’s most vulnerable who will bear the brunt of its actions.

Freedom and security more important than profit, NATO chief tells Davos

Western countries should not trade security for economic profit, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned on Tuesday (24 May), pointing to the risks of leaving close economic ties with Russia and China unchecked.
Global Europe 24-05-2022

Russia launches all-out assault to encircle Ukraine troops in east

Russian forces were launching an all-out assault to encircle Ukrainian troops in twin cities straddling a river in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday (24 May), a battle which could determine the success or failure of Moscow's main campaign in the east.
Europe's East 24-05-2022

Ukraine war crimes ‘another Nuremberg moment’, US says

Prosecutors will be ready with indictments in hand to hold Russians accountable for war crimes in Ukraine, US ambassador for global criminal justice Beth Van Schaack told EURACTIV, adding that prosecuting Vladimir Putin personally would be possible, though difficult.
Global Europe 24-05-2022

Russian diplomat in Switzerland says he resigns over Ukraine invasion

A Russian diplomat at the country's permanent mission at the United Nations in Geneva said on Monday (23 May) he was leaving his post because of his disagreement with Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, a rare political resignation over the war.