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Agenda for Change 02-03-2018

‘Access to water is a question of good governance, not resources’

Water resources are unequally distributed on the planet. But access to water and sanitation depends mainly on good urban planning, Cécile Gilquin said in an interview with EURACTIV.fr
Circular economy 16-01-2018

Karmenu Vella: ‘Well-designed’ plastics tax could help hit environment targets

As the European Commission sketches out its vision for the future of plastic production and pollution in its new strategy, the EU executive's environment chief, Karmenu Vella, explained how developments in China, Africa and Europe itself have shaped its plastics roadmap.

UN Environment chief: We shouldn’t wait for the oceans to turn into a plastic swamp

At the latest United Nations environment summit, pollution topped the agenda. The man leading the UN’s quest to clean up the planet hopes this meeting will act as the wake-up call countries need and that the fight will include the world of business.
Development Policy 21-10-2016

Oxfam: Our ‘red lines’ on securitisation and conditionality of EU aid

The EU is in the process of reviewing its entire framework for development cooperation, to incorporate the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change - but there must be 'red lines', Oxfam tells EURACTIV.com.
Development Policy 12-10-2016

Global Health Index: ‘800 million people are going to bed hungry every night’

21,000 people die every day from hunger or food shortages, and some 795 million go to bed hungry each night, according to the new Global Hunger Index, published on Tuesday (11 October).
Development Policy 15-06-2016

ActionAid chief: Africa’s ‘child marriage’ is actually rape

Ahead of this year's European Union Development Days, the NGO ActionAid is focussing on the issue of inequality, with the launch of the report, The Price of Privilege.
Climate change 09-06-2016

Israeli water chief: ‘You must talk to neighbours to avoid climate change conflicts’

Israel is one of the world leaders in water desalination. But now it faces a new challenge - climate change. EURACTIV.com spoke with the Deputy Director General of Israel's Water and Sewage Authority, Oded Fixler.

Plastic pipe industry chief: Banking on a greener future

Growing market requirements for ‘green procurement’ is driving sustainability, but the success of voluntary corporate sustainability initiatives depends on the attitude and enthusiasm of businesses to live up to higher standards, says Tony Calton.

Water Week chief: Better management, governance needed

Droughts, poor land use and water access have all contributed to recent volatility in food prices and regional food emergencies. To address such insecurity in food supplies, good water management and governance – as well as reliable early warning systems – are needed, says Jens Berggren, who heads World Water Week that begins on 26 August in Stockholm.

Industry chief: Pricing, policies should promote water efficiency

Having safe drinking water should be a basic human right, but consumers and governments also have a duty to set a price high enough to encourage efficiency, says Hans Telgan, who heads Europe’s plastic pipe industry trade association TEPPFA.

Seeber MEP: Improve water efficiency without price spikes

Austrian MEP Richard Seeber (European Peoples Party) says differences in regional needs and infrastructure make it difficult to have a one-size-fits-all approach to water efficiency.

World Bank exec: ‘Investment in water has been totally lagging’

Many of the water systems in major cities around the world, including in developed countries, have losses of 30-40%, says Lars H. Thunell of the World Bank's International Finance Corporation (IFC). And that’s not viable, he insists, so we have to make sure we invest.
Agrifood 30-03-2012

Pesticides chief: ‘We were not really listening to societal concerns’

After years of trying to persuade consumers that their products present no health or environmental risk, the pesticides industry has now recognised its failure to address wider society concerns. Friedhelm Schmider of industry group ECPA promises "a huge change of mindset" in engaging with consumers and farmers.

Expert: Medicines pollute world waters

Europe's freshwaters are increasingly filled with pharmaceutical residues and other micro-pollutants, which are potentially harmful to human health and the environment, warns Friedrich Barth from the European Water Partnership (EWP), a research group.
Agrifood 21-10-2010

Industry: Indicators underway for water-efficient agriculture

Large multinational food companies are currently looking at indicators farmers could use to show progress in saving water. Peter Erik Ywema of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative, an industry platform, spoke to EURACTIV in an interview.
Agrifood 19-10-2010

Expert: Water footprint key to sustainable agriculture

Precise data on water usage will soon help farmers and policymakers make better decisions on where to grow crops, says Derk Kuiper from the Water Footprint Network, a UN-backed organisation.

Veolia calls for shift to ‘low-water economy’

To face the challenge of water scarcity, the world needs to 'de-hydrate' the economy, fight against waste and make better use of alternative resources like waste water, argued Antoine Frérot, chief executive officer of Veolia Water, in an interview with EURACTIV.
Climate change 18-02-2009

Expert: Europe ‘unaware’ of its water footprint

While Europe may take better care of its water resources than other continents, it in fact uses larger quantities via imports of goods such as cotton, beans or wood, which often come from regions that already suffer from water scarcity, argues a UN expert in an interview with EURACTIV. 
Climate change 10-09-2008

MEP: Water ‘must be integrated into all policies’

"Everything has to rethought in terms of the water problem," Austrian centre-right MEP Richard Seeber told EURACTIV in an interview, commenting on the unanimous adoption of his report on water scarcity and drought by Parliament's environment committee yesterday (9 September).


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