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  • Turkmenistan looks to the West

    Global Europe 06-04-2015

    Due to worsening relations with Russia, its increasing dependence on China and fears of destabilisation, Turkmenistan is adjusting its foreign policy and trying to bolster its cooperation with the West in the field of energy and security, writes the Polish think-tank OSW in an analysis.

  • Armenia’s anti-NGO laws inspired by Moscow

    Armenia 24-03-2015

    ?Moscow’s push for Yerevan to adopt anti-NGO legislation is just the latest sign of its determination to mold Armenia into a loyal vassal that does its bidding with no questions asked, writes Armine Sahakyan.

  • A more even-handed stance toward Turkey and Azerbaijan

    Global Europe 23-03-2015

    Europe's moderate Muslim allies – Turkey and Azerbaijan – might be the key to the fight against terrorism, writes Joshua Noonan.

  • More than trade, TTIP leads to confident Atlanticism

    Trade & Society 18-03-2015

    Getting an EU-US trade and investment deal (TTIP) will be tough. Yet if we grasp the moment, America's first ‘Pacific President’ and his EU partners may well become best known for having re-founded the Atlantic Partnership, write Daniel Hamilton and Joseph Quinlan.

  • EU sanctions against Russia should hit Putin propagandists

    Europe's East 16-03-2015

    The EU should not shy away from adding the names of the Russian media representatives in charge of running Putin's propaganda machine to the list of those covered by its sanctions against Moscow, said Krzysztof Bobinski.

  • ISDS must be replaced by a public court

    Trade & Society 13-03-2015

    EU Institutions are currently discussing several options for the reform of Investor-to-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). Yet, only a public court can yield the targeted public policy objectives: investment protection, judicial independence and right to regulate, writes Viviane Reding.