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  • EU and Putin, Putin and EU

    Europe's East 19-03-2012

    The EU should first put its own house in order before proceeding to pompous statements that demonise other leaders, such as Vladimir Putin, argues N. Peter Kramer for the European business review.

  • Russia’s oil and gas export stategies

    Energy 13-03-2012

    Russia has begun to diversify its oil transport routes to avoid dependence on certain transit countries, writes Stratfor. 

  • Putting Russia on a new path to democracy

    Europe's East 02-03-2012

    Ahead of Russia’s presidential election on 4 March, analyst Viktor Tkachuk hopes Russia will be able to transform its democratic model.

  • What Europe should learn from Libya

    Global Europe 01-03-2012

    In the case of Syria, European policymakers should draw lessons from the last Libyan intervention and aim at a strong collective security framework under the aegis of the EU, writes Giles Merritt from Security & Defence Agenda.

  • The European Union and the Syrian gridlock

    Global Europe 24-02-2012

    As the Syrian bloodshed continues, the European Union finds itself once again trapped behind mild rhetoric and condemnation, writes Vivien Pertusot from the French institute of international relations (Ifri).

  • Russia’s plan to disrupt US-European relations

    Global Europe 20-12-2011

    As tensions between the United States and Russia increase over issues such as missile defence and WTO accession, Moscow is attempting to create a rift between Central Europeans and their North American allies, argues Lauren Goodrich.

  • Ukraine: Moving towards association with the EU

    Europe's East 19-12-2011

    Ukraine should establish a fruitful cooperation with the EU in order to disengage itself from the pressure imposed by the Kremlin and become an equal partner in their bilateral relations, says Vladimir Mischenko from the Ukrainian organisation 'People First'.

  • The future of EU external action is up for grabs

    Future EU 06-12-2011

    MEPs need to keep sight of the bigger picture regarding the new sets of regulations that European Commission is releasing on 7 December on EU external action and development strategy, warn experts from European Think-Tanks Group, in order to preserve the major role that EU holds in the field of international development.

  • Is Ukraine the next link in a new iron curtain?

    Special Report | Enlargement 02-12-2011

    As tensions rise with Ukraine, as Russia seeks to establish a Eurasian Union, and as Vladimir Putin stands unopposed for the Russian presidency, one has to ask whether the European Union has written off the concept of one Europe and is now helping to build a new psychological wall in the East, says Viktor Tkachuk, head of "People First".

  • Ukraine’s gas, security interests may trump trade offers

    Energy 29-11-2011

    As Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych weighs the economic benefits of the EU’s deep and comprehensive Free Trade Agreement and Russia’s Customs Union offer, Ukraine’s energy and security needs must be taken into consideration, argues Stephen Christensen.

  • Is Ukraine becoming Russia’s 88th territory?

    Europe's East 29-11-2011

    Even as Ukraine formally gets closer to the European Union with the negotiations on an Association Agreement, the country's extreme economic insecurity and need for foreign capital to finance its debt are enabling a dramatic rise in Russian influence, argues Sonya Koshkina.

  • Russia-EU energy politics

    Energy 16-11-2011

    The European Union's plans to break up energy monopolies pose a direct threat to Russia's own hopes to maintain and enlarge its domination of energy markets in several EU member states, says Eugene Chausovsky.

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