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  • Brussels unlocks funds for Youth Employment Initiative

    News | Social Europe & Jobs 05-02-2015

    The European Commission is proposing to make €1 billion from the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) available earlier and increase the pre-financing rate by up to 30 times for eligible member states in order to boost youth employment.

  • New global development plan risks failure if it ignores young people

    Opinion | Development Policy 19-11-2014

    In 2015 – the European Year for Development – it is our responsibility as European politicians to make sure that the European Union and all EU member states ensure that gender equality, the rights of young people - especially girls - are central to discussions that will craft the new global agenda, write Sirpa Pietikäinen MEP (EPP, Finland) and Marie Arena MEP (S&D, Belgium).

  • Germany and Greece sign ‘reconciliation’ agreement

    News | Social Europe & Jobs 07-11-2014

    In an attempt to bridge cultural differences and break down national stereotypes among young people, Berlin and Athens have decided to establish a Greek-German Youth Institute. EURACTIV Greece reports from Germany. 

  • Newly elected young MEPs courted from all sides

    News | EU Elections 2014 10-06-2014

    91 MEPs under the age of 40 were elected to the European Parliament at the May EU elections. Although their number is slightly lower than during the previous legislature, young MEPs “would still represent the third largest political group in the European Parliament,” according to Adam Mouchtar, managing director of the EU40 project.

  • Europe’s youth ready to make their voices heard!

    Opinion | EU Priorities 2020 14-05-2014

    More than 5,000 young European came together last weekend in Strasbourg to discuss participation in the next EU elections, and issues important to youth, such as unemployment, education and the future of Europe. An event that top EU officials declined to attend.

  • European youth trapped in a continuous cycle of climate and economic crisis

    Opinion | Climate change 13-12-2013

    The future of Europe is uncertain in the face of global climate change, and the risks of socio-economic instability this will bring. In order for European institutions to uphold their moral responsibility to represent what matters to young people, they must make the political choices to build a low carbon European economy, write Louisa Casson and Camilla Born.

  • Inviting young Europeans to have their say

     Video | Promoted content | EU Elections 2014 10-10-2013

    The European Parliament is launching its European Youth Event 2014, where it will open its doors to thousands of young Europeans to exchange ideas for a better and more youth-oriented Europe shortly before the European elections in May next year.
    Learn more at:

  • Political rhetoric is not enough to save a lost generation in Europe

    Opinion | Social Europe & Jobs 18-04-2013

    Young people must be given a fair share of the budget of the European Union as they have the right to real investments, not just nice words. The proposed budgets for youth programmes are not enough, writes Peter Matjaši?.

  • Youth Guarantee: A good start but not the whole picture

    Opinion | Social Europe & Jobs 26-02-2013

    Youth unemployment is still seen as a national problem and a responsibility for the member states. This is also the problem of the EU's proposed youth guarantee scheme which will be discussed by the social affairs ministers on Thursday (28 February), argue Ska Keller and Terry Reintke.

  • Youth and Policy: A Healthy Mix?

     Video | Promoted content | Health 20-11-2012

    A stakeholder workshop organized by Fondation EURACTIV to explore issues surrounding the protection of young people in the policy debate.
    Participants were asked to contribute to a range of ideas designed not to answer all the questions relating to youth and health policies, but to provide a blueprint for how such issues can be addressed in the future. Such issues include:
    Can an age be defined when a young person is no longer "vulnerable"?
    What is the best long-term approach: regulation and protection or education and empowerment?

  • StartUp Europe Launch

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 05-11-2012

    As Europe faces its highest unemployment rate in more than two decades -- and hitting today's young adults particularly hard -- StartUp Europe is being established to stem the current "brain drain" of talent from the region and empower youth, technology and entrepreneurship.
    StartUp Europe is a centre of excellence to develop and support entrepreneurship and drive job creation in Europe and is a collaboration between Telefónica and the Lisbon Council - the Brussels-based think tank.

  • Not investing in youth is costing us €100 billion per year

    Opinion | Social Europe & Jobs 28-06-2012

    EU member states should not freeze or cut the EU budget that would support the autonomy and the rights of young people in Europe. They must think long term, says Peter Matjaši?.


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