Special Reports

Health 16-05-2022

Cardiovascular disease: Not only about lifestyle?

According to European Commission data, there are more than six million new cases and over 1.8 million cardiovascular disease-related deaths in the EU. In this event report, EURACTIV will examine the different proposals patients and industry stakeholders suggest for Europe to face its "number one killer".
Politics 12-05-2022

EURACTIV Archives: Five times Eurovision went political

Despite claims of being apolitical, year after year the Eurovision song contest never fails to disappoint political aficionados. As part of this year’s dedicated coverage, EURACTIV presents its selection from its archives of instances that highlight the special place this...
Economy & Jobs 11-05-2022

Financing the social economy

Defined by its mission rather than by what it produces, the social economy is a peculiar economic sector with a set of its own challenges, especially when it comes to funding. Published by the European Commission in December 2021, the...

EU carbon market reform and price stability

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As the European Union revises its carbon market to align with the bloc's more ambitious climate objectives, calls are growing to make the EU's flagship climate policy tool future-proof and prevent wild price fluctuations.
Transport 09-05-2022

‘Road dust’: the lesser-known air pollutant

The European Union has taken bold steps to cut pollution from cars and trucks, focusing mostly on tailpipe emissions. Yet, non-exhaust emissions also pose a threat to air quality and have received less attention from policymakers. Unlike tailpipe pollution, the...
Health 28-04-2022

A new phase of COVID-19 fight

Since the first wave of COVID-19, the EU has been working on strengthening its response to the pandemic outbreak. But now it is ready to face a new phase.

Wind power’s contribution to Europe’s energy independence

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As Europe looks to break away from its dependence on Russian fossil fuels, renewable energy, like wind power, could be part of the answer. EU countries are keen to increase their renewable energy capacity. However, slow permitting procedures and issues...
Technology 04-04-2022

The role of tech in EU sustainability

Technology and sustainability are becoming increasingly intertwined in both policy and practice but negotiating the relationship between the two is complex.
Agrifood 04-04-2022

How the Ukraine war is reshaping the CAP

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Between rising prices and fuel shortages, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has turned the EU agrifood sector on its head. To cope with this crisis, the European Commission has asked member states to adapt their Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) national strategic...
Agrifood 29-03-2022

Food sovereignty and the war in Ukraine

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Between soaring food prices and feed shortages, the war in Ukraine has rocked the EU's agri-food sector.

Whose democracy? The tumultuous road to effective civic participation

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Consulting citizens on decisions that affect them, such as deciding how to spend money more often than not collected from their wallets, is seen as a way to increase trust and accountability at all levels of government. But how can...

Gas decarbonisation

The war in Ukraine has triggered a momentous shift in the EU's energy and climate policy, highlighting the urgency of replacing imports of Russian fossil gas with green alternatives, like biomethane and clean hydrogen.
Health 21-03-2022

Untapping personalised medicine potential 

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Tailor-made prevention and treatment strategies for individuals are considered among the most promising breakthroughs in the European Health Union, launched in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic to reshape the way healthcare is dealt with across the bloc. The emerging...
Technology 18-03-2022

The upcoming challenges of the telecom industry

As society becomes increasingly digitalised, it relies more heavily on ICT infrastructure. At the same time, the telecom market is called to address some key challenges societal challenges.

District heating

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With the Russian war in Ukraine, the European Union is looking at ways of accelerating the green transition and replace fossil gas in sectors like heating and power generation. Can district heating play a role?
Technology 07-03-2022

Addressing the digital gender divide

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Gender inequalities in STEM fields and the digital sector were identified decades ago and while some steps have been taken to address these, stark imbalances persist and in many cases, the divide begins from an early age.
Technology 22-02-2022

Chips Act unveiled: The (real) cost of making semiconductors

In this special report, EURACTIV looks at a fundamental component missing from the chips package the European Commission presented on 8 Febryary: How the EU executive will square its semiconductor ambitions with its other policies, such as the green agenda and upcoming restrictions on dangerous chemicals.
Climate change 21-02-2022

Carbon removals

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Removing carbon from the atmosphere is considered crucial to limit global warming in line with the Paris Agreement. The European Commission has already started paving the way for future legislation on the topic, with the publication of a communication on sustainable carbon cycles in December.
EU-Africa 17-02-2022

EU, African leaders meet to define ‘partnership’, investment, security ties

European and African leaders come together for a long-delayed EU-Africa summit in Brussels on 17-18 February in an attempt to frame the two neighbouring continents' partnership with a number of initiatives, agreements and investment pledges.
Economy & Jobs 16-02-2022

Attracting societies back to normality after COVID

A number of EU member states have already started lifting COVID-related restrictions but the psychological costs still needs to be addressed. Several experts believe that the return to full normality after the shock caused to societies by the two years...
Energy 14-02-2022

Renewables’ integration in the electricity grid

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The growing share of intermittent sources of electricity like solar and wind is placing the power grid under unprecedented strain, making the search for flexibility a vital part of the EU’s green transition.
Technology 08-02-2022

Diversity in the media: representing the EU’s inclusion agenda

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The value of diverse representation throughout the media is widely recognised but is often not reflected on or off-screen. Recent European Commission initiatives have touched on the importance of the media sector, but there are still calls for further action at the industry and national level.
Health 01-02-2022

Rethinking blood sustainability within the EU

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The lessons learnt from the COVID-19 crisis and the upcoming revision of the EU's legislative framework on blood, tissues, and cells offer a window of opportunity to rethink blood sustainability in Europe.

Sustainable products initiative

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As part of its circular economy action plan presented in 2020, the European Commission is preparing a new sweeping set of rules which for the first time will aim to ensure all products placed on the EU market are designed with sustainability objectives in mind.