Special Reports

Central Asia 05-05-2021

A busy EU-Kazakhstan agenda

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, relations between the EU and Kazakhstan have continued to develop, with a milestone in-person EU-Kazakhstan Cooperation Council on 10 May expected to draw the lines of cooperation for the 2021-2027 period.

Poland’s energy transition

Poland's coal dependence has propelled the country at the forefront of European Union efforts to decarbonise energy production, the largest source of emissions. With climate change now a top political priority, Warsaw is coming under growing pressure to close remaining coal mines and power stations.

Togetair climate summit

The European Union aims to become climate neutral by 2050 and is tightening its climate goals for 2030 as a result. In this special report, EURACTIV looks at some of the implications for business and industry, in partnership with the Togetair climate summit in Poland.
Health 27-04-2021

Electronic cigarettes and science in EU policy making

Cigarette smoking is responsible for nearly 700,000 deaths in the EU every year and eliminating smoking has been at the core of Europe's Beating Cancer Plan.
Agrifood 26-04-2021

(Agri-food) life after Brexit

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After having agreed on the terms of their separation, the EU and the UK are faced with a potential mismatch between the two sides of the Channel when it comes to agriculture and foodstuff. While the EU is rethinking the...
Economy & Jobs 22-04-2021

EU scales up efforts to support the culture and creative industry

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The Culture and Creative Industries (CCIs) have been among the hardest-hit branches by the COVID crisis, losing up to 90% of their revenues since the beginning of the pandemic. In this context, the EU is launching a new initiative to...
Transport 22-04-2021

Sustainable aviation fuels

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Created from advanced biofuels and renewable electro-fuels, sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) have the potential to significantly cut airline emissions. They can be blended with kerosene and used in current aircraft without changes to the engine, making them a convenient way to decarbonise flights.

Climate science from space

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With its Copernicus constellation of satellites, the European Union is considered a world leader when it comes to earth observation technology. The challenge now is to develop services at an affordable cost for potential commercial users like farmers or public services such as natural disaster response teams.
Agrifood 01-04-2021

Gene editing: The latest developments in the EU

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The use of gene-editing technologies has come under increasing scrutiny in the EU over the past few years, following the 2018 European Court of Justice ruling that gene-edited organisms should fall, in principle, under the EU’s GMO directive. The European...
Non-discrimination 25-03-2021

Where is discrimination in Europe?

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According to available data from the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) and other organisations, encroachments on fundamental rights are widespread in European countries.
Agrifood 22-03-2021

Sustainable farming ambitions: between the CAP and the Green Deal

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After years of negotiations, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel for reaching a deal on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). However, much has changed in the EU policy landscape when it comes to...
Transport 18-03-2021

Intelligent transport systems

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Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are promoted by the European Union as a way to  increase road safety and tackle Europe's growing emission and congestion problems. In this event report, EURACTIV looks at where the EU stands with ITS deployment, and identifies the roadblocks still lying ahead.
Politics 16-03-2021

Putting due diligence at the heart of sustainable business

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The European Commission is set to table a draft law by the end of June that will require companies to ensure that their supply chains are free of human rights and environmental abuse and corruption. That follows years of campaigning by EU lawmakers and civil society groups, and a shift in attitude from much of the business community. This event report looks at what is likely to be in the legislation and the challenges ahead.
Digital & Media 04-03-2021

Connectivity and the workplace of tomorrow

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The reality of the ongoing global pandemic has reminded Europe of its reliance on high-capacity and low latency networks as a means to maintain a sense of normalcy in our lives.
Digital & Media 02-03-2021

Re-connecting Europe

Living under the reality of a global pandemic, the world has turned to digital tools to maintain a sense of normality. As Europe charts its recovery from the coronavirus, there is a renewed sense of purpose with regards to the importance of technology in our everyday lives, as well as the need to employ various technologies in order to meet wider political goals.

Ammonia and the greening of EU industry

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A chemical traditionally used in the fertiliser industry, ammonia is now also entering the realm of energy as a way to store and transport hydrogen, or as an alternative transport fuel in its own right.

Hydrogen outlook in Central and Eastern Europe

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According to EU scenarios, the share of hydrogen in Europe’s energy mix is expected to grow from less than 2% today to 13-14% by 2050, as part of efforts to decarbonise transport and heavy industries. Central and Eastern EU countries...
Agrifood 09-02-2021

EU-Africa: translating green agrifood ambitions

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On the backdrop of the COVID-19 crisis, the EU is currently establishing a new ‘strategic partnership’ with Africa, of which agriculture is a key focus. The aims of the EU’s flagship environmental policy, the Green Deal, combined with the COVID-19...
Development Policy 05-02-2021

Renewal of international cooperation in a post-pandemic world

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Over the past year, international cooperation has been facing challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic repercussions, as well as by the push for a greener future.
This event report covers DIGITALEUROPE’s annual Masters of Digital conference.
Digital & Media 05-02-2021

Making Europe fit for the digital age

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There has been no greater reliance on digital tools than during the current period, as Europe continues to live under the reality of a global health pandemic. In this context, the European Commission is charting Europe’s digital transition with a...
Politics 01-02-2021

Global youth and post-pandemic futures

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From climate hazards and COVID-19 to protests for racial justice and the rise of identity politics – the past year has left a mark on the young generation. The effects of the pandemic particularly affect young people, they exacerbate existing...
Eastern Europe 25-01-2021

EU ambitions unabated

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The recent visit to Brussels of Georgia’s President Salome Zourabishvili has highlighted the country’s determination to pursue a very ambitious EU agenda, despite the challenge of the Covid pandemic and the difficult international climate. EURACTIV looks into the details.
Agrifood 21-01-2021

From surviving to thriving: preparing for the future of the hospitality sector

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From restaurant closures to travel restrictions, the hospitality sector has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID pandemic that is threatening thousands of jobs and livelihoods across the EU. But as the rollout of the COVID vaccine gets...
Agrifood 13-01-2021

Green Deal and agriculture: between words and deeds

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Lying at the heart of the European Green Deal, the Farm to Fork and the Biodiversity strategies play a key role in shaping the debate around the future of the European agri-food sector. In its flagship food policy, the EU...