Special Reports

  • Lawmaking in the dark

    Politics 23-11-2017

    The image of unelected bureaucrats making secret deals in smoke-filled rooms has gained traction in recent years, fueling populist resentment towards the European Union.

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  • The true face of the second leading cause of death

    Health 13-11-2017

    According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a lung disease that results in changes in several different parts of the respiratory system and lungs at the same time. COPD affects 1 to 4% of all European adults and costs the EU €50 billion every year.

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  • Mediation for peace

    Central Asia 31-10-2017

    This week, EURACTIV reports from Astana about the various mediation efforts of Kazakhstan on the international scene, including the Syria war and the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, as well as the county's initiatives as non-permanent member of the UN Security …

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  • Renewable gas

    Energy 25-10-2017

    Gas is not often mentioned in the same bracket as renewable energy but that could all change, as energy providers look to address the issue of surplus renewable power and storage problems.

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  • Europe’s cybersecurity agenda

    Cybersecurity 19-10-2017

    During his annual State of the Union address in September, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced a massive overhaul of EU cybersecurity policies. EURACTIV.com reports on the latest EU initiatives.

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  • What’s next for European socialism?

    Future EU 18-10-2017

    After bruising electoral defeats in France, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, European socialists are looking at ways of turning their fortunes around. For many of them, the era of 'Grand Coalitions' with right-wing parties is now over.

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  • Where will big data drive European transport?

    Future of mobility 17-10-2017

    Click here to download this Special Report. This week, EURACTIV reports from the European Transport Forum in Brussels, where stakeholders gather to discuss how big data will transform today’s transport and to assess the associated challenges and risks.

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  • Lighting

    Energy 11-10-2017

    The European Union took a bold step when it imposed a ban on incandescent light bulbs in 2008. Almost ten years on, EURACTIV.com takes stock of progress made and sets sights on the next frontier – Human Centric Lighting.

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  • Pharma innovation

    Health 10-10-2017

    Hit hard by austerity, the health systems of EU member states are under huge pressure. Combined with an aging population and the alarming burden of chronic illnesses, EU member states have targeted specific aspects of the incentives granted to the pharma industry in order to decrease drug prices.

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  • Energy performance of buildings

    Energy 09-10-2017

    Lawmakers in the European Parliament's industry committee are voting this week on the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). EURACTIV.com takes a closer look at the latest changes made to the bill before it clears this major political hurdle.

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  • Electronic immunisation record

    Health 06-10-2017

    An increase in vaccine hesitancy, combined with the insufficient preparedness of EU member state healthcare systems against infectious diseases, has raised eyebrows in Brussels and the EU capitals, which now seek ways to minimise outbreak risks.

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  • EU law goes digital

    Digital 02-10-2017

    Legal practitioners have so far stayed relatively immune from the digital revolution. But the situation is starting to evolve as technology issues enter the courtroom – from privacy protection to company law.

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