Special Reports

  • European Accessibility Act

    Health 05-12-2016

    Debate about policies in favour of people with disabilities has climbed up a notch on the agenda with the publication in December of new European Commission proposals for a European Accessibility Act.

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  • Electricity in transition

    Energy 21-11-2016

    Europe’s electricity system is on the cusp of a deep revolution, driven by the imperative of decarbonisation and the move towards decentralised renewables energy production.

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  • Is Europe ready for Alzheimer’s?

    Health 02-11-2016

    The European Union has launched a series of initiatives to support people living with Alzheimer's disease, a mental deterioration typically associated with old age that impairs memory, thinking and behaviour. EurActitv brings you the latest from the 26th Alzheimer Europe Conference in Copenhagen.

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  • Growth and jobs: Where does the CAP stand?

    Agrifood 24-10-2016

    The latest reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) placed the emphasis on greening aspects and continued the move away from production-oriented subsidies.

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  • Sunlight at the end of the tunnel?

    Energy 17-10-2016

    Europe is the most solarised region in the world, but deployment of technology needs to be stepped up if the bloc is to meet its climate commitments.

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  • Germany’s agricultural challenges

    Agrifood 26-09-2016

    Despite its small size relative to the country's GDP, agriculture is a political heavyweight with the German government. With far-reaching changes to the EU's Common Agricultural Policy about to take effect, EURACTIV.com looks at the implications for the German agricultural sector.

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  • Road transport

    Transport 26-09-2016

    In July, the European Commission presented a strategy for low-emission mobility that could mean dramatic changes for the transport sector. EURACTIV.com looks at the implications for industry, with a focus on road freight.

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  • Transition to green economy

    Energy 12-09-2016

    The transition to a green economy requires nothing short of a revolution, transforming society from a culture based on extraction and consumption into one based on sustainability and low carbon energy, transport and agriculture.

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  • The main challenges facing the CAP

    Agrifood 25-07-2016

    The new Common Agricultural Policy for the period 2014-2020 is faced with a number of challenges but at the same time, it could help EU farmers take a step forward and adjust to rising competitiveness worldwide.

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  • Farnborough International Airshow 2016

    Transport 11-07-2016

    Air shows offer an opportunity for the aviation industry to showcase its latest innovations. The 2016 edition of the Farnborough airshow will be no different, but will carry a special significance, as it takes place just weeks after the UK's shock referendum on leaving the EU.

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  • Big data meets politics

    Digital 20-06-2016

    Politicians across Europe often look suspiciously at the "big data" revolution as a trend imported from the US, which encroaches on their privacy. But others are also surfing the wave and see a multitude of areas where big data analytics can support decision-making – and sometimes also help politicians win an election.

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  • Consumers, regulators and energy efficiency in buildings

    Energy 13-06-2016

    Saving energy consumption in buildings will play a key part in Europe’s transition to a clean, secure and efficient energy system.

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