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The Common Agricultural Policy is being profoundly modified, and the discussion will most likely become highly politicised. There are still huge challenges ahead (modernisation and simplification, environment and SDGs, imports and exports) and the CAP will need to deliver strong and inclusive messages to ensure that agriculture and the rural sector become a centrepiece in European society.


The overarching objective of this project is to follow closely the current discussion on the new delivery model and both remind of the inclusive and beneficial character of the CAP whilst allowing for the national debates to emerge and become integrated as they unfold. The specific objectives of this project are the following:

  1. Bring to light the innovative aspects and elements of the CAP, such as the role of bioeconomy, so as to propel it into a contemporary dimension, post 2020.
  2. Enhance the image and restore a higher level of trust in European agriculture.
  3. Bring agriculture more into the everyday life of Europeans by showing all its valuable and vital contributions.
  4. Report on the progress in environmental and sustainable aspects of the current and future CAP.


  1. The economic dimension of the CAP, in order to ensure a fair income to farmers, to increase competitiveness of the agricultural sector and to rebalance power in the food chain.
  2. The environmental dimension of the CAP for environmental care, to preserve landscapes and biodiversity and to boost the climate change action.
  3. The social dimension of the CAP in order to support generational renewal, to protect food and health quality and to create and uphold vibrant rural areas.


Activities are implemented in 8 countries respectively in 8 languages and online content on 8 websites: France (EURACTIV France), Germany (EURACTIV Germany), Poland (EURACTIV Poland), Portugal (Lusa), Spain (EFEAGRO), Italy (Sicilia Agricoltura), Croatia (EURACTIV Croatia) with Brussels in English. 

This year the project geographical focus is threefold:

  1. Northern Europe: France, Germany, Brussels, Poland;
  2. The Mediterranean: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia;
  3. The outermost Regions: such as Azores, Canary Islands and the French Overseas Territories and regions, thus emphasising that the CAP is a policy for all the MSs and has specific arrangements for outermost regions.


Activities, in 8 languages and in 8 websites, this year include sustained editorial coverage, social media promotion, stakeholder workshops, forums, Twitter Chats, Special Reports and video reportages. All the content in English is published in our Agrifood Hub, in the section CAP reform.

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