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Climate change 20-08-2020

Germany would have missed 2020 climate goal without COVID-19 emissions drop

Germany could meet its climate target for 2020 but would have missed the goal if the economic havoc wrought by the coronavirus pandemic had not caused a large drop in greenhouse gas emissions, the country’s environment ministry said.
Energy 07-02-2020

EU way off the mark on energy savings goal, latest figures show

The EU’s statistical office, Eurostat, published new figures on energy consumption for 2018 this week (4 February). As expected, they weren’t good, with the EU as a whole set to miss its 2020 energy efficiency objective by a margin of up to 5%, in what campaigners called the "biggest miss" of all EU climate targets.
Energy 08-02-2019

Energy consumption continues to rise in Europe: Eurostat

Energy consumption in Europe rose for the third consecutive year in 2017, pulling the EU further away from its 2020 energy efficiency objective, according to official figures published on Thursday (7 February).
Energy 12-11-2018

Europe’s path to carbon neutrality: A move to ‘sobriété énergétique’?

What is 'sobriété énergétique' and what is its role in pushing Europe towards its carbon reduction goals? Kamila Waciega explains.  
Energy 16-12-2015

Putting energy consumers first

When it comes to the Energy Union and the EU’s energy efficiency targets, the Commission needs to put consumers at the centre and create a regulatory environment that promotes behavioural energy efficiency, writes Giulia Gioffreda.
Climate change 30-11-2015

Early hopes for carbon markets dashed as COP21 opens

It was supposed to be the way the market would cut greenhouse gases by itself: governments selling companies permits-to-pollute, which they could trade among themselves. Over time, the number of permits would be reduced, and the cost to companies of failing to cut emissions would rise.
EU Priorities 2020 08-10-2014

Socialists set to trade Cañete for Moscovici

Jean-Claude Juncker’s controversial choice for Climate and Energy Commissioner Miguel Cañete appears set to be backed by the European Parliament in a vote tonight (8 October), despite more than half a million people demanding his removal from the job.
Miguel Arias Cañete
EU Priorities 2020 08-10-2014

Five questions Cañete has not yet answered about his family

Miguel Arias Cañete, the Spanish Commissioner-designate for Energy and Climate Change, has left five important questions unanswered during his confirmation hearing in the European Parliament, writes Alicia Gutiérrez.
Energy 18-09-2014

Poland’s carbon emissions billions to be spent on coal, cutting budget deficit

Billions of euros from the sale of EU carbon credits and free emissions allowances, given in exchange for commitments to diversify Poland’s energy mix, will instead be spent on coal and cutting the country’s budget deficit, climate campaigners have said.

Election of Donald Tusk puts EU climate position in doubt

The election of Donald Tusk as head of the European Council comes alongside pressure for Poland to improve its environmental record. The 2030 climate package is due to be adopted before the arrival of the new president, who is more concerned with the European Energy Union than with his climate change commitments.
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Energy 17-07-2014

Smart metering implementation in Europe: A year on

Report following the high level policy conference "Smart metering implementation in Europe: A year on" about the latest developments of the smart metering implementation front as well as the consumer awareness campaign that ESMIG and EDSO for Smart Grids have launched.
A coal power generation plant in Weisweiler, Germany. May 2014 [Thorsten Mohr/Flickr]
Energy 13-06-2014

Berlin pushes Brussels to expedite emissions trading reforms

Germany has expressed its support for a proposal from the European Commission to reform the EU's emissions trading system, but it urges the EU to pursue more extensive improvements, and to introduce a so-called market stability reserve within the current parliamentary term. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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Energy 11-06-2014

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Climate change 15-05-2014

EU set to overshoot 2020 climate goals, split over 2030

The European Union will cut its carbon emissions in 2020 by a bigger margin than it has pledged it would under United Nation climate change treaties, a meeting of the bloc's environment ministers was told on Wednesday (14 May).
CO2 emission

French CO2 emissions increased in 2013, study finds

France saw its CO2 emissions increase by 0.6% in 2013, despite EU28 emissions decreasing by 2.5%. EURACTIV France reports.
Trade & Society 21-03-2014

EU ponders 2017 deadline for green energy funding rules

As of 2017, member states will only fund new renewable energy projects after organising a "genuinely competitive bidding process," according to new EU aid rules in the pipeline.
Transport 30-10-2013

The ‘car chancellor’ should consider drivers and the environment too

German pressure is compromising the environmental integrity of the EU’s original proposal for limiting car emissions to 95 grams of CO2 per kilometre by 2020. MEPs must stand up for the deal they negotiated in June, argues Greg Archer.

Energy not climate policy is what matters in preserving the environment

Policymakers should stop talking about “climate policy”. It is energy policy that matters to preserve the global climate, argues Eberhard Rhein.
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Energy 21-10-2013

Energising tomorrow’s world: one year after the approval of the energy efficiency directive

Europe aims to reduce its primary energy use by 20% by 2020, although the target is not legally binding. The policies and measures taken to achieve this target will continue to deliver beyond 2020 helping to reduce emissions by approximately 40% by 2050, according to the Energy Roadmap 2050. While trying to achieve the 2020 goals, the EU will have to find ‘flexible’ resources in the power system.
Energy 10-10-2013

Efficiency lags behind in EU’s triple energy target

Only four EU countries are on course to meet their energy efficiency target for 2020, while the Union is broadly on track to meet its renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals, the European Environment Agency says in a new report.
Energy 16-09-2013

Re-setting the way to a decarbonised Europe

In its EU Energy Roadmap 2050, the European Commission recognises that Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is the only technology available to mitigate CO2 emissions from large-scale fossil fuel use. The EU badly needs a successful CCS programme by 2020 and can no longer afford delays, writes Graeme Sweeney.
Energy 26-07-2013

Offshore floating turbines ‘could power Europe four times over’

Buoyant wind farms situated in deep seas could employ 318,000 people and provide 145 million households with electricity by 2030, says a new report by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA).
Transport 27-06-2013

Merkel seeks to derail EU compromise deal on car emissions

Germany is working to derail a compromise deal to enforce stricter rules on carbon dioxide emissions for all new cars in the European Union from 2020, EU sources said on Wednesday (26 June).
Transport 07-05-2013

Lawmakers vote to limit van speed, reject stronger CO2 target

The European Parliament’s environment committee on Tuesday (7 May) called for the installation of electric speed limiters for vans to prevent their accelerating beyond an agreed 120kph cap. But MEPs rejected reducing the 2020 target for van CO2 emissions to 118g per km.