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Global Europe 10-03-2020

For Germans, which US presidential candidate is more economically literate?

With Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren dropping out of the Democratic primaries, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are the only Democrats front-runners left in this year's presidential race. But do Germans thinks they are more economically literate than Donald Trump? EURACTIV's partner WirtschaftsWoche reports.
Digital 03-01-2020

Digital in 2020: A geopolitical programme

Departing from a tumultuous 2019, in which several tech behemoths faced the ire of European regulators, the forthcoming twelve months in the digital arena will prove to be lively in terms of EU policy.
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Politics 02-05-2013

Lobbying 3.0 – Practicing Public Affairs in 2020

Fast forward to 2020 - what will it mean to be a public affairs professional in Brussels at the end of the decade?
Health 01-03-2013

Shaping 2020 targets for better oral health in Europe

As the EU moves forward on the joint action and other initiatives to promote health literacy, healthy lifestyles and the prevention of diseases, oral health should not be forgotten, say Karin Kadenbach and Kenneth Eaton.

EU hunkers down for crunch energy summit

Europe's lagging energy efficiency standards are emerging as a key issue ahead of a February meeting of EU heads of state, EURACTIV has learned.

German minister calls for power grid expansion

Germany will prioritise the expansion of an electricity power grid capable of absorbing a growing share of renewable energy, the country's Economy Minister Rainer Bruederle said at an energy conference in Berlin yesterday (18 January).
Trade & Society 29-10-2010

Future industrial policy to focus on competitiveness

Faced with manufacturing output that is still below its peak of 12% two years ago, the European Commission outlined plans on Thursday (28 October) aimed at revving up factories, textile mills and other industrial businesses.