About: 2030 climate and energy targets Archives

  • Spain to lead the energy transition in Europe?

    Energy 03-07-2018

    The creation of the new ministry for ecological transition in Spain brings fresh air not only at the national level but also at the EU level as Spain can give a push in the fight against climate change, writes Ana Barreira.

  • The EU needs to walk the talk on the Paris Climate Agreement

    Energy 18-06-2018

    The EU’s Energy Union Governance Regulation is not an EU-level invention or a bureaucratic imposition from Brussels. Instead, it is to a large extent an attempt to translate what several of the EU’s individual member states are already doing on climate and energy policy, writes Lola Vallejo.

  • Strong climate action will help combat Europe’s urban air crisis

    Air Quality 02-05-2018

    New research published this week in “The Lancet Planetary Health” reveals a promising path towards clean, healthy air: strong climate change policy, writes Dr. Melissa C. Lott.

  • Energy efficiency: Getting the full picture

    Energy 18-04-2018

    The Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), adopted in 2012 and currently under review, has been a key milestone to help deliver energy savings in Europe. But the reality is that we are not there yet in terms of primary energy savings, writes Hans Korteweg.

  • What the UN deal on shipping emissions means

    Transport 18-04-2018

    Last week’s difficult deal on shipping emissions at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) brought some good news. The not-so-good news is that there is far too little acceptance of the need for immediate action, writes Bill Hemmings.

  • New climate strategy will set out a pathway to meet higher targets

    Climate change 29-03-2018

    Last week, EU leaders sent a clear message to the European Commission to ramp up its work to implement the Paris Agreement and accelerate the ongoing transition away from fossil fuels, writes Wendel Trio.

  • Breaking the glass ceiling of EU climate policy

    Climate change 28-03-2018

    The request from EU leaders to see an update of the European Commission's 2050 low-carbon roadmap mandates a higher level of ambition from Europe on meeting climate goals also in 2030, writes Brook Riley.

  • Avoiding common traps in energy savings (mis)calculation

    Energy 18-01-2018

    Inconsistencies in the calculation of energy savings could derail global sustainability efforts, warn Tom Machinchick and Dr. Andreas Hermelink. Together, they investigate the effect of non-persistence in energy conservation measures on meeting the Paris Agreement and other carbon emissions goals.

  • To finance the energy transition, EU leaders must restore their ambition

    Electricity 10-01-2018

    The investment case for low-carbon energy is strong: increased economic growth and jobs, reduced transition risks, and the most cost-effective pathway to realising the goals of the Paris Agreement. Why, then, are EU energy ministers so reluctant to provide the legislative framework required to shift the trillions? writes Stephanie Pfeifer.

  • Decarbonising Europe: Matching aspiration with action

    Electricity 18-12-2017

    With renewable electricity costs going through the floor, the EU should increase its 2030 targets and aim for close to zero carbon electricity by 2040. But while power decarbonisation is crucially important, it will not be sufficient to deliver a truly zero carbon economy, writes Adair Turner.

  • The case for a price floor in the EU ETS

    Emissions trading scheme 18-12-2017

    The recently adopted reform of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) is insufficient to trigger cost-efficient decarbonisation of the economy, argue Christian Flachsland and Anna Leipprand. A carbon floor price that starts at a significant level and rises over time would address the problem, they write.

  • Closing the loopholes in the EU’s centerpiece climate law

    Climate change 09-10-2017

    EU member states can enable the upscaling of good examples of local climate action by closing loopholes in the Effort Sharing Regulation, a centerpiece of the EU's climate policy, write Claire Roumet and Femke de Jong.