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Future of mobility 09-06-2022

“We don’t want to sell cars, we want to sell services and represent 20% of Renault’s turnover by 2030”

On the eve of its 125th anniversary, Renault is determined to disrupt the global mobility industry through its newest brand Mobilize. “We don’t want to sell cars, we want to sell services” boldly says Mobilize CEO, Clotilde Delbos.
Electric vehicles 09-06-2022

German car industry slams EU parliament’s 2035 ban on petrol, diesel cars

German car associations were up in arms following a decision by the European Parliament to support a de facto ban on the sale of new combustion engine cars as of 2035, saying it was too ambitious and costly, and going against the market and citizens.
Transport 09-06-2022

EU Parliament passes ban on new petrol, diesel cars by 2035

In the face of strong conservative opposition, the European Parliament on Wednesday (8 June) narrowly voted to back a European Commission proposal for a total ban on new CO2-emitting vehicles by 2035.
Electric vehicles 14-01-2022

German transport minister backs electric cars in e-fuel debate

The debate over how best to decarbonise road transport has long pitched synthetic e-fuels against full electrification. In a policy shift, Germany’s transport minister has now said that electric cars have won the race in the EU.
Electric vehicles 13-01-2022

Auto parts makers accused of obstructing EU climate policies

European auto parts makers are undermining efforts to decarbonise the transport sector by lobbying against climate-friendly EU policies, a new analysis by the climate thinktank InfluenceMap has claimed.
Electric vehicles 11-01-2022

Tough EU car emission rules ‘necessary’, says leader of key German state

The European Union's proposed package of energy and climate laws received surprise backing from the leader of Baden-Württemberg, an influential German state which is renowned worldwide for its cutting-edge automotive industry.