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Ministers set out 2050 vision for a ‘green Europe’

The EU's 27 environment ministers have set out the key elements of the bloc's environment policy for decades to come, calling for "an ambitious and compelling 2050 vision for a green Europe" that decouples economic growth from environmental degradation.

MEPs press Commission on 2020 green master plan

With 60 days left before the Rio sustainable development conference, MEPs have sent a message to the European Commission to produce “without delay” an ambitious environmental agenda for the decade ahead that avoids past failures.
Climate change 08-11-2006

MEPs oppose ‘re-nationalisation’ of LIFE+ funds

Proposed LIFE+ regulation is now in a last-chance conciliation procedure after MEPs rejected the Council’s position to delegate 80% of environmental funds directly to member states.
Climate change 27-09-2006

Parliament softens EU clean-air law

The European Parliament has allowed member states more time and flexibility on meeting clean-air standards, bringing concern to the Commission and environmental groups.
Climate change 25-09-2006

Soil-protection strategy leaves choices to member states

On 22 September, Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas presented a Soil Framework Directive that leaves plenty of flexibility and time for member states to counter the increasing degradation of Europe's soils.
Climate change 22-09-2006

6th Environment Action Programme

The sixth Environment Action Programme (6th EAP), adopted in 2002, is the EU's ten-years (2002-2012) policy programme for the environment. It identifies four key environmental priorities: climate change, nature and biodiversity, environment and health, and natural resources and waste. The Commission will start a mid-term review of the 6th EAP before the end of 2006.
Climate change 17-07-2006

EU environment ministers push for eco-efficiency

Increased eco-efficiency, new ecotaxes and abolishing harmful subsidies are the main elements of the new generation of EU environment policy advocated by the Finnish Presidency during the informal meeting of environment ministers in Turku.
Climate change 01-06-2006

Cities urged to become ‘greener’ to tackle air pollution

Policy-makers stressed the role of urban communities in improving air quality at a debate taking place in the context of Green Week 2006.

EU seeks clear responsibilities in halting biodiversity loss

A new EU Action Plan seeks to clarify responsibilities between the EU and member states on bringing plant and animal extinction to a halt by 2010. But environmentalists say the measures are weak and may just come too late.
Climate change 23-05-2006

Commission opens consultation on its environmental strategy

To prepare for the mid-term review of its sixth environmental action programme, the Commission has started an internet consultation for stakeholders.
Climate change 18-05-2006

Report: environmental policy has been “politically downgraded”

A report written by the Institute for European Environmental Policy paints a critical picture of the implementation of the EU's 6th environment action programme. Most of the objectives of the 10-year strategy will not be fulfilled before 2012, says the report.
Climate change 21-12-2005

2006: Crunch time for EU environmental policies

Europe is gearing up for the next phase of its controversial climate change programme while member states prepare to take key decisions on strategies that will define EU environmental policies for the years to come.
Climate change 26-10-2005

EU sea protection strategy fails to impress

The Commission proposes EU nations draw up national programmes to keep European seas clean, safe from oil spills and healthy. Environmental groups say the strategy is "inadequate" and call for binding EU measures.
Climate change 23-09-2005

Clean air strategy seeks balance between health and business concerns

The strategy will cost Europe some €7.1 billion every year, down from the €12 billion initially proposed by Environment Commissioner Dimas. But the health benefits alone will be fivefold, he said.
Climate change 29-07-2005

EU in debate over soil protection

The Commission is continuing with its series of internet consultations on future environmental policies with a debate on how to protect European soils from pollution.
Climate change 28-07-2005

EU opens debate on how to make cities ‘greener’

Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas has launched consultations to define a strategy to 'green up' the EU's urban areas.
Climate change 30-09-2004

Life+ funding to improve implementation and communication

A new LIFE+ funding instrument, with a budget of 2.19 billion euro over the period 2007-13, will focus on better implementation, governance and communication of environmental policies.

Commission starts consultation on sustainable use of natural resources

On 1 October, the Commission presented its first ideas on how to use natural resources more efficiently while achieving the economic growth objectives of the Lisbon strategy.
Climate change 09-07-2003

Pesticides: Commission announces that 110 more substances will no longer be authorised

On 8 July, the Commission announced that 110 active substances used in pesticides will have to be withdrawn from the market by December 2003. Those will add to the 320 substances that will no longer be authorised for use in July 2003.
Climate change 28-03-2003

Parliament wants more action to reduce use of pesticides

The Parliament adopted on 27 March the Van Brempt report, calling for stricter measures to reduce the quantity of pesticides used in the Union. The MEPs, however, voted against a proposal to set a general 50 per cent reduction target for the next ten years.
Climate change 27-08-2002

Environmental liability deal leaves compulsory insurance out of the picture

The agreement reached in conciliation between Parliament and Council has left it to the Commission to propose compulsory insurance schemes for companies six years after the directive enters into force.
Climate change 03-06-2002

EP plenary adopts Sixth Environmental Action Programme

On 30 May the EP plenary approved the Sixth Environmental Action Programme in third reading, after conciliation.
Climate change 15-03-2002

Agreement reached on Sixth Environmental Action Programme

On 13 March 2002, the Council and the European Parliament made a final deal on the proposed 6th Environmental Action Programme. It is a balanced compromise between the two actors, and it takes into consideration some of the Parliament's key issues.
Climate change 12-02-2002

Sixth Environmental action programme in conciliation

The Council and the European Parliament should reach an agreement on the 6th environmental action programme (6th EAP) before May 2002.