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Aarti Holla
Digital 27-11-2014

Europe at risk of broadband congestion

About two billion hours of TV are watched every day in the EU, mostly on a TV set. Despite this prevalence of linear TV viewing, non-linear video content is already congesting Europe’s broadband networks as users’ appetite for on-demand video increases. The European Commission needs to embrace and incentivize hybrid solutions that combine satellite and terrestrial as a way of delivering the best video experience to all users in Europe.
Digital 31-03-2010

Satellite operators: EU too focused on high-speed Internet

The EU is in danger of missing its targets for more broadband connections across the bloc by focusing too heavily on land-based high-speed Internet, argues Aarti Holla, secretary-general of the European Satellite Operators Association (ESOA), in an interview with EURACTIV.