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Languages & Culture 17-03-2011

Beyond the Arab revolutions

The Arab revolts have shown that the dominance of strategic and economic interests in international relations must now give way to citizens' demands for dignity and universal values, argues Abdou Diouf, secretary-general of the International Francophony Association (OIF).
Languages & Culture 22-10-2010

OIF chief: ‘French remains a universal language’

French is still a "universal language"and the number of French-speakers worldwide is growing, Abdou Diouf, secretary-general of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, told EURACTIV in an interview on the occasion of the body’s thirteenth international summit. 
Languages & Culture 02-10-2007

Diouf: ‘Language is inseparable from democracy’

Multilingualism, as specified in the Treaties on the functioning of the EU institutions, is in danger of disappearing in favour of a de facto single-language regime based on English, warns Abdou Diouf, secretary-general of the 'Francophonie', the international French-language organisation, in an interview with EURACTIV.