About: Absorption capacity

Enlargement 27-11-2006

Absorption capacity – the wrong debate

This article, by Katinka Barysch of the Centre for European Reform, argues that the absorption-capacity debate has so far only looked at the negative side of the enlargement balance sheet.
Future EU 10-10-2006

Analysis: Just what is the EU’s ‘absorption capacity’?

A Centre for European Policy Studies(CEPS) paper argues that the term “absorption capacity” should be dropped, as it gives a pseudo-scientific impression unless defined and deconstructed into more precise and objective elements.
Enlargement 29-09-2006

Analysis: Absorption capacity – old wine in new bottles?

This paper, issued by the European Policy Centre, argues that a definition of absorption capacity will have little or no impact on the public’s opinion of enlargement.
Central Europe 27-06-2006

Analysis: “Absorption capacity” – a fallacious concept?

Frank Vibert (Director of the European Policy Forum) argues that the debate on the EU's "absorption capacity" is in fact "a diversion" from the real challenges facing Europe today.