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Trade & Society 03-02-2015

Commission faces maladministration probe over TTIP secrecy

EXCLUSIVE: The European Commission is facing a likely maladministration investigation after refusing five non-governmental organisations (NGOs) access to secret Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) documents.
Public Affairs 20-11-2014

Payment card ruling could open new era for EU transparency

SPECIAL REPORT: The European Commission is considering lifting restrictions applying to confidential internal documentation in the wake of a payment card legal case it lost earlier this year.
Public Affairs 24-03-2011

EU struggles with being open about transparency

EU member states are reluctant to reveal whether or not they support proposals by the European Commission to overhaul EU transparency law, a media investigation carried out this week reveals, triggering fears that the European Union is becoming less accountable to citizens.  
Public Affairs 22-09-2010

Court rejects journalists’ calls for full EU transparency

The European Commission can restrict public access to the documents it files in lawsuits until after cases are decided, the European Court of Justice ruled yesterday (21 September), rejecting a request by a leading journalists' trade union based in Brussels. 
Public Affairs 27-07-2006

Public awarded greater say over EU environmental law

Public participation in environmental decision-making is to be strengthened after EU Ministers agreed to the principles of the Aarhus Convention. But they stopped short of allowing NGOs the right to drag member states to court.
Security 13-07-2005

EU Privacy Supervisor: After London terror, don’t give away freedoms

In tension situations, such as after the London bombings, lawmakers should refrain from rushing into privacy-invasive measures, says Peter Hustinx, the European Data Protection Supervisor, in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV. 
Security 13-07-2005

EU supervisor: Privacy and transparency are complementary, not competing

EU Data Protection Supervisor Peter Hustinx has presented a report that tries to strike a delicate balance between the fundamental rights of access to documents and of data protection. In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, Mr. Hustinx commented on the paper and on other EU data protection issues. 
EU Priorities 2020 09-01-2004

More pressure on Council to open up deliberations to the public

The European Ombudsman has begun looking into an MEP's complaint that the Council's Rules of Procedure do not allow sufficient public access to information on the latter institution's deliberations.
EU Priorities 2020 25-09-2003

MEP Michael Cashman, Group of the Party of European Socialists

MEP Cashman, author of a report on public access to EU documents, says that the European Parliament and the national Parliaments ought to keep up the political pressure to achieve progress in this area.

Parliament sees progress on EU access to documents policy

A new EP report on public access to documents shows that real progress has been made by the EU institutions, but there are a number of shortcomings as regards transparency.
Public Affairs 11-09-2003

Access to Documents

The Amsterdam Treaty introduced Article 255, which gives citizens a right of access to European Parliament, Council and Commission documents. Under this article, in May 2001, the EU adopted a regulation on public access to European Parliament, Council and Commission documents.
EU Priorities 2020 23-07-2003

EU to open up its historical archives

On 21 July, the Council reached a political agreement on a draft regulation that will open to the public the historical archives of the European Economic Community and the European Atomic Energy Community.

Annual report still critical of access to documents policy

On 9 July, Michael Cashman (PES-UK), will present its own-initiative report on access to documents to the Parliament's Committee on Citizens' Freedoms and Rights, Justice and Home Affairs.
EU Priorities 2020 27-03-2003

Opening closed doors: Council says access to documents in EU on the rise

The Council has released figures according to which the request for access to meeting papers has doubled since the entry into force of the 'access to documents' Regulation in 2001.
EU Priorities 2020 12-12-2001

Court rules against the Council in “Hautala case” on access to documents

The Court of Justice decided to uphold the judgment of the Court of First Instance annulling the Council's decision to refuse Ms Heidi Hautala, an MEP, access to a report on arms exports. The Court of Justice pointed out that the public must have the widest possible access to documents and agreed with the judgement of the Court of First Instance, which said that the Council should consider partial access to a document containing items of information whose disclosure would endanger EU interests.
EU Priorities 2020 06-12-2001

Ombudsman criticises Council after Statewatch complaint on access to documents

The European Ombudsman, Jacob Söderman, published a special report, on 30 November, on the failure of the EU Council to grant access to certain documents on justice and home affairs. The report was published after a complaint was made by Statewatch, a UK organisation fighting for transparency.
EU Priorities 2020 21-03-2001

Council decision undermines new code of access

Statewatch says Council changes to 1993 Decision on document access undermine discussions on new code of access
EU Priorities 2020 28-02-2001

Access to EU documents to worsen?

Civil society speakers at Statewatch seminar on access to documents claim new proposals from Brussels institutions will worsen transparency

European Environment Bureau slams Commission’s transparency policy

The European Environmental Bureau assessed that Commission's plan for the limitation of access to EU documents is "a shocking contrast with the Amsterdam Treaty's promise of more openness in Community decisionmaking".
EU Priorities 2020 08-06-2000

Hautala: Openness requires change of attitude in Commission

Document MEP Heidi Hautala: Hautala: Openness requires change of attitude in Commission