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Scientists bury hopes of EU shale gas revolution

Although there are no scientific grounds to ban fracking, shale gas will do little to solve Europe’s energy supply security problems, according to a new report by the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC).
Energy 08-09-2014

Analyst: Western energy companies reluctant to deal with Russia

The psychological effect of EU sanctions, as much as the specific effect of them, is causing companies to hesitate when getting involved in any transactions with Russia, James Henderson told EURACTIV Czech Republic in an interview.
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Energy 11-06-2014

Refining products for our everyday life

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Energy 22-05-2014

Barroso: “Energy must not be abused as a political weapon”

After the March European Council conclusions, the European Commission will conduct an in-depth study of EU energy security and present a comprehensive plan for the reduction of EU energy dependence by June 2014.
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Energy 30-04-2014

EU, Ukraine, Russia to meet over Ukrainian gas supply in early May

The European Commission said on Wednesday that European, Russian and Ukrainian officials will hold a meeting on May 2nd in Warsaw to discuss security of energy supplies to Ukraine.
Development Policy 20-11-2013

African Development Bank in row over whether gas is ‘clean energy’

The counting of gas investments within the African Development Bank (AfDB)’s $2.2 billion clean energy portfolio is stirring ‘internal argument’ among leading bank experts, as the continent prepares for a possible shale gas boom.
Central Europe 16-10-2013

Visegrad’s energy security after Nabucco

The Nabucco pipeline is out of the game. But Central Europe can reinforce its energy security through new ways to trade gas and access the integrated European market. Only then it can tackle both major challenges, Gazprom and the Asian demand, Pavol Szalai writes.
Energy 11-02-2013

Franco-German energy cooperation: A model for Europe

France and Germany could become the avant-garde of cross-border energy cooperation and could set the standards for all of Europe, writes Georg Zachmann.
Energy 29-11-2012

PIPC chief: EU regulations punish Polish industry

The lack of liberalisation of the energy and low-carbon energy market is one of the factors contributing to the lack of investment in Poland's chemical industry, says Wojciech Lubiewa-Wiele?y?ski.