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Digital & Media 04-11-2015

CEO: How I turned ?€3K into more than a million for my start-up in just 18 months

Four European entrepreneurs put ?€3,000, all they had, into their digital start-up which rents out long-term accommodation to students and professionals.
Simon Lewis

Will a CMU deliver vital funding for Europe’s SMEs?

The European Commission unveiled its Capital Market Union (CMU) proposal last week. While the US provides a useful model for comparison, Europe must adapt SME funding to the specificities of the domestic market, writes Simon Lewis.
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Euro & Finance 27-10-2014

Mid-market companies: The EU’s unsung heroes?

Mid-market firms – those medium-sized businesses that are larger than most SMEs but smaller than the multi- national corporations that dominate Europe’s stock markets – are crucial to the EU economy. Research into this segment in Germany, France, the UK and Italy has consistently showed that the mid-market makes up less than 2% of Europe’s companies but employs about one-third of workers and contributes one third of private sector GDP.
Brexit 26-09-2014

Juncker rejects UK push for independent scrutiny of EU laws

EXCLUSIVE: The new European Commission has rejected the UK Government's call to set up an independent body to scrutinise EU regulation and impact assessments before and after legislative proposals are adopted by the executive.

€21 billion of EU loan guarantees for banks to boost SME lending

Banks will be offered €21 billion of EU funding guarantees to encourage lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which don’t have enough collateral to secure loans.
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Tajani wants more entrepreneurs to revive growth

More entrepreneurs are needed to boost growth and employment, the European Commission said yesterday (9 January) in unveiling an action plan to "revolutionise entrepreneurial culture in Europe".

Tajani wants more entrepreneurs to revive growth

More entrepreneurs are needed to boost growth and employment, the European Commission said yesterday (9 January) in unveiling an action plan to "revolutionise entrepreneurial culture in Europe".

New SME finance tools launched amid worsening gloom

SPECIAL REPORT / A new European Commission-backed SME funding instrument, launched last week, seeks to entice increasingly wary banks to back the strapped sector by matching risk associated with innovative companies. But SMEs feel gloomier than ever, new data show.
Brexit 08-12-2011

Brussels seeks to boost SMEs’ access to venture capital

The European Commission proposed yesterday (7 December) a new regulation that is supposed to make it easier for venture capitalists to raise funds across the EU and lend more money to innovators and start-up businesses.
Brexit 30-09-2011

EU to extend microcredit help beyond 2013

The Commission will next week extend a €200 million 'social' micro-financing project helping Roma communities in Bulgaria and a company manufacturing fashion handbags in the Netherlands.
Brexit 29-09-2011

SME skirmish highlights tension over definition debate

A fight has broken out over how much smaller companies should benefit from the EU's structural funds, highlighting the issues at stake in a forthcoming debate on the definition of SMEs, which is already the subject of fierce lobbying.
Brexit 28-09-2011

Envoy: SME funds will not be sector specific

The EU executive and member states should be forced to consider the impact that their laws will have on SMEs before they introduce them, according to Daniel Calleja Crespo, the EU's SME envoy. He also confirmed that extra financing with the EU's new budget will be targeted at any type of SME which has a growth potential and will not only be reserved for innovative or research-led companies focusing on EU priorities.
Brexit 28-09-2011

Envoy calls for European ‘SME brake’ on new laws

EU member states should apply an 'SME test' to ensure that draft laws do not clash with smaller companies' growth, according to proposals by the EU's SME envoy, who also called for diverting research funds to small businesses.
Brexit 26-09-2011

SMEs brace for double whammy as credit crunch returns

The worsening situation of European banks is likely to hit hardest on financial flows to small businesses which are already heavily suffering from the consequences of the crisis, policymakers and sector specialists have warned.
Brexit 20-09-2011

Private, public sectors build bridges to boost entrepreneurship

While the EU is marred by a severe debt crisis and a lackluster economic recovery, schools and companies are trying to make the changes necessary to adapt the workforce to new challenges and increase entrepreneurship and competitiveness.