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Enlargement 21-06-2018

Albania justice minister: Next six months will be crucial for our EU bid

The member states are expected to vote next week on whether to open accession talks with Albania, as the Commission has recommended. The Balkan country has made progress in improving the rule of law but its EU prospects remain vague as several EU capitals have called for caution in planning the bloc's next enlargement.
Global Europe 12-06-2017

New Macedonia leaders vow to revive EU/NATO bid

Macedonia's new leaders showed fresh resolve to revive the country's stalled bid for membership of the EU and NATO on Monday (June 12) by vowing to mend relations with estranged EU neighbours Greece and Bulgaria and implement long-delayed reforms.
Enlargement 10-02-2017

Serbia-Croatia relations strained by the past

Relations between Belgrade and Zagreb are stuck. Frequently in crisis mode, their ties are beset by sharp rhetoric, especially during election periods, say Serbian and Croatian political analysts. Euractiv Serbia reports.
Energy 24-06-2014

Unveiled: Energy Corruption in the Balkans

From Croatia to Montenegro, shady energy deals plague the region’s economy, according to a report to be published today (24 June) during the European Commission's Sustainable Energy Week.
Global Europe 07-02-2013

Turkey: EU political benchmarks ‘were never given to us’

EXCLUSIVE / The European Union has never sent Turkey the required benchmarks to reform its justice system, making the country's EU accession process impossible to complete, according to a high-level official in Ankara who spoke to EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Enlargement 11-10-2010

Montenegro hopes to start accession talks ‘soon’

Montenegro expects to gain European Union candidate status in November and to start accession talks soon, its prime minister said on 8 October. The European Commission is set to present its opinion on Montenegro's readiness to acquire candidate status next month.
Enlargement 27-01-2010

Europeans confused about Turkey accession

A new survey reveals that 47% of Europeans back Turkey's EU accession and 47% are opposed to it. But when the same respondents were asked how would they vote in a referendum on Turkey's membership, 52% say that they would vote against it and only 41% in favour.
Enlargement 25-01-2010

2012 ‘realistic deadline’ for Croatia’s EU entry

In Croatia there is a "significant gap" between the political elite, which is "resolutely turned towards EU integration", and public opinion, which is "still lukewarm on the issue," according to Jacques Rupnik, a researcher at Sciences Po in Paris. The Balkan specialist spoke to EURACTIV France in an interview.
Enlargement 06-11-2009

Croatia hopes to join EU ‘in 2012’

Despite calls for it to join earlier, realistically Croatia's EU accession in 2012 would still represent a great success, Mirko Galic, Croatia's ambassador to France, told EURACTIV France in an exclusive interview.
Enlargement 04-04-2008

EU to ‘wait and see’ on Serbia, Turkey accession

European Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn said he was adopting a "wait-and-see" attitude towards EU hopefuls Serbia and Turkey in light of recent developments in the two countries.
Enlargement 06-02-2008

2008 to be ‘EU year’ in Turkey, says foreign minister

2008 will be the 'year of the EU' in Turkey, said the country's foreign minister and chief negotiator on EU accession, Ali Babacan, responding to recent criticism over perceived interruptions to the country's progress towards full EU membership. EURACTIV Turkey reports.
Enlargement 04-10-2007

EU lawmakers call on Turkey to accelerate reforms

In a draft resolution widely regarded as the forerunner of the Commission's upcoming progress report on Turkey, MEPs yesterday welcomed the Turkish government's renewed commitment to reform following recent elections, but said that it still had "a lot of homework to do".
Future EU 28-08-2007

Sarkozy softens opposition to Turkey’s EU membership

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has softened his stance towards Turkey, saying that he would not block negotiations between Ankara and the European Union, despite his long opposition to the country's accession.
Central Europe 25-07-2007

Croatians pessimistic about future – survey

Despite the prospect of EU accession in 2009, the vast majority of Croatians are pessimistic about the future of their country, according to a nationwide survey.
EU Priorities 2020 21-11-2006

Study sheds light on EU-Romania negotiations

Vasile Puscas, university professor and EU chief negotiator has published a study on Romanian accession negotiations and urges the EU to revise its negotiation and communication policy.
Central Europe 28-07-2006

Turkey: Court ruling boosts freedom of speech

A Turkish court freed a writer of charges for criticising compulsory military service, after pressure from the Commission.
Central Europe 28-07-2006

Turkey: good growth perspectives, but challenges remain

Turkey should develop a National Lisbon Reform Programme, says an expert report. Other reforms should tackle the issues of employment of women and trade union rights.
Enlargement 18-07-2006

New Financing Instrument for Potential EU Member States

Ministers have agreed on new financial tool to help potential EU members to get ready for accession.
Enlargement 06-04-2006

Sofia irked after ‘Euroslap’

The Bulgarian government has reacted sharply to reproaches by the Commission of having made only limited progress on the country's way to EU accession.

Germany may block Eastern workers for at least three more years

The conservative-social democrat government in Berlin is voting, on 21 March 2006, to exclude workers from eight Central European countries from its labour market until 2009.