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Central Europe 16-04-2007

Turkey frustrated over EU-accession talks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has underlined the need for the EU and Turkey to 'edge closer', following Ankara's harsh criticism of the current Turkish EU-membership talks.

Central Europe 06-03-2007

Turkish business wants EU membership by 2014

Turkish business association TÜSIAD is pushing for the country joining the EU soon. However, the current stalemate in Turkish EU-membership talks is yet to be overcome.

Central Europe 09-10-2006

Croatia wants to join by 2009 despite ‘enlargement pause’

Croatia has high hopes for EU entry even though there have been calls for an “enlargement pause”. Meanwhile, Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn says that the Union will stick to its commitments towards the country.

Enlargement 27-09-2006

Press review: latest enlargement sparks debate

The international press offered different perspectives on the Commission’s decision to admit Bulgaria and Romania into the EU in 2007. EURACTIV presents a selection.

Enlargement 26-09-2006

Bulgaria and Romania join in 2007

The Commission president has announced the accession of Bulgaria and Romania in 2007 under toughened conditions, but also declared an “enlargement pause”. [includes link to report]

Enlargement 26-09-2006

2007 accession for Bulgaria and Romania – with probation

The Commission is to announce the 2007 accession of Bulgaria and Romania under tough conditions. Meanwhile, the Commission president has announced an 'enlargement pause'.

Enlargement 05-09-2006

Bulgaria and Romania to join EU in 2007 under strict conditions

The two candidate countries are ready to join the club in 2007, but the Commission decided to put tough conditions on their entry.

Enlargement 04-09-2006

Enlargement commissioner gives warning to Bulgaria

Commissioner Olli Rehn has called upon Bulgaria to take reforms seriously; he said that more progress was needed on justice and home affairs.

Enlargement 06-04-2006

Sofia irked after ‘Euroslap’

The Bulgarian government has reacted sharply to reproaches by the Commission of having made only limited progress on the country's way to EU accession.

Enlargement 30-08-2005

Bulgaria running late on EU deadlines

Bulgarian Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev made an urgent visit to Brussels on 29 August 2005, to convince the Commission that his country will make up for a backlash in transposing crucial EU legislation.

Enlargement 23-08-2005

Romanian prime minister gets a tougher grip on EU accession

As a part of a major reshuffle of his cabinet, Romania's head of government has appointed Anca-Daniela Boagiu minister for European integration.

Enlargement 19-12-2001

WWF deplores lack of public debate on enlargement

The European Union's enlargement process risks sidelining the public, which may threaten the public support for enlargement as well as the Union's record of transparency and openness, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) warned. It proposes that the EU should attempt to remedy this situation by seeking public input on official positions and making its negotiating positions publicly available.