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Enlargement 15-09-2011

Croatia to sign accession treaty ‘in early December’

EU countries have agreed on the English text of Croatia's Accession Treaty, and it is realistic to expect it to be signed at the beginning of December, the Polish EU Presidency announced yesterday (14 September).
Central Europe 30-11-2009

Croatia accession treaty ‘to be drafted soon’

Croatia's chief negotiator on EU membership, Vladimir Drobnjak, told EURACTIV he hopes that conditions are met to create a working group in the Council to draw up an accession treaty.
Future EU 06-04-2009

Can an Irish protocol be added to Croatia’s Accession Agreement?

"There is unlikely to be anyone with locus standi who would challenge non-compliance with Community law [in the European Court of Justice]" on the Irish protocol issue, writes Stanley Crossick, the founder of the European Policy Centre and a commentator on EU policies, on his blog.
Enlargement 18-05-2005

Romania ratifies EU entry

The two legislative chambers of Romanian Parliament have paved the way for EU membership by unanimously ratifying the country's EU Accession Treaty.
Enlargement 04-12-2003

Austria ratifies EU Accession Treaty

The Austrian Parliament has ratified the Treaty on the EU's enlargement by an overwhelming majority.