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Enlargement 11-02-2020

(Yet) another ‘credible EU perspective’?

The European Commission’s new proposal for enhanced accession process of the Western Balkans is 'a small masterpiece of European compromise' that could foster momentum and reforms. But it still lacks details on funding and convergence and realistic target years, write Milena Lazarević, Sena Marić and Strahinja Subotić.
Europe's East 09-07-2018

Why NATO should double-down on Georgian membership

When NATO leaders meet in Brussels this week they should have Georgia on their minds, write Amanda Paul and Ana Andguladze.
Enlargement 28-06-2018

Albania and Macedonia – a ray of hope and a warning for Balkans

Everyone was taken by surprise on Tuesday (26 June) when EU ministers agreed to set out a path for opening accession talks with Albania and Macedonia in June 2019. Many were doubtful this would be agreed, at a time when the EU is facing difficult challenges, write Adnan Ćerimagić and Zoran Nechev.
Enlargement 16-08-2016

Biden hails gold medal for a country Serbia says doesn’t exist

US Vice-President Joe Biden has chosen this week to come to what is still Europe’s great unfinished business – the West Balkans. Can Biden knock any sense into his Serb hosts? Unlikely, says Denis MacShane.

Migration crisis morphs ‘enlargement fatigue’ into realpolitik

The migration crisis is putting pressure on the EU to re-open accession negotiations with strategic neighbours. But it should take care not to compromise its values, writes Peter Van Elsuwege.
Health 11-06-2015

Šef?ovi? should talk ‘health’ to make progress in Serbia

Maroš Šef?ovi? would do well to highlight the huge health benefits of climate mitigation and clean energy policies when he visits Serbia 10-11 June, writes Anne Stauffer. 
Central Europe 08-05-2015

New Czech EU policy strategy: The anchor of responsible membership

EU membership is first and foremost a gateway to liberty and freedom, not in the purely economic sense, but in terms of personal freedom, writes Tomáš Prouza.
Richard Howitt MEP (UK, Labour) [European Parliament]
Europe's East 04-12-2014

Macedonia’s feeble flame of aspiration

Are European policy-makers crushing hopes of progress in Macedonia by putting enlargement on the back burner, Richard Howitt wonders. 
Europe's East 23-10-2012

The phantom of the Eastern Partnership

Fast advantages from a proposed customs union with Russia will become an irresistible temptation for Ukrainian politicians in comparison with the uncertain prospects of the EU's 'Eastern Partnership' and Association Agreement, writes Viktor Tkachuk.
Enlargement 03-06-2011

Hasty Croatian EU accession would damage all concerned

Croatia has not yet fulfilled the requirements for accession to the European Union, particularly with regard to the rule of law, corruption and a competitive marketplace, argue Andrea Despot and Dušan Relji?, claiming that early membership would damage Croatia, other EU candidate members and the EU itself. 
Enlargement 24-07-2009

The Unfinished Business of the Fifth Enlargement Countries

"Five years (or two and a half, in the case of Bulgaria and Romania) following accession, EU membership for the ten central and eastern European states […] has not marked the end of the process of transition of those countries," writes Assya Kavrakova in a recent report for the European Policies Initiative (EuPI).
Global Europe 02-10-2008

Time to start a balanced debate on Turkish EU membership

"It is high time to conduct a reasoned debate about the costs and benefits of Turkish EU accession," argues Markus Jäger of Deutsche Bank Research.
Enlargement 31-07-2008

Making Bosnia and Herzegovina’s transformation irreversible

Despite the success of recent reforms and a burgeoning economy, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH) has yet to overcome a number of hurdles on its path to EU accession, argues Lidija Topic in a June 2008 policy brief for the European Policy Centre.
Enlargement 17-06-2008

Europe and the Balkans: What’s to be done?

The EU must "show that it can act decisively and effectively" in the Western Balkans as the progress the bloc makes in the region tests its "credibility on the international scene," writes Graham Avery for the European Policy Centre. What's more, he calls on all countries in the region to apply for EU membership "sooner rather than later" and on the bloc "to reaffirm its membership promise" to them.
Global Europe 16-05-2008

Turkey’s tense situation raises EU’s concerns

Recent threats made against the AKP government indicate that Turkey's political turmoil has intensified since 2007, writes Katinka Barysch of the Centre for European Reform in an April blog post.
Global Europe 17-10-2007

Winning back confidence in EU-Turkey relations

Growing scepticism about the EU is spreading through Turkish society, writes Zeynep Gögü?, publisher of EURACTIV Turkey in the following commentary.
Central Europe 31-08-2007

What Europeans think about Turkey and why

For many politicians, journalists and think-tanks, the benefits of Turkish accession to the EU are "plain to see", writes Katinka Barysch in an August 2007 paper for the Centre for European Reform (CER).
Central Europe 28-08-2007

Turkey and Europe: the way ahead

The AK Party's victory in the July 2007 parliamentary elections creates an opportunity for both it and the EU to "re-launch" Turkey's accession process, according to an August report from the International Crisis Group.
Trade & Society 03-08-2007

EU business ‘convinced’ of Turkey’s accession

Europe's entrepreneurs are convinced of the merits of Turkish accession to the EU even though EU politicians and voters are not, observe Katinka Barysch and Rainer Hermann in a June 2007 essay for the Centre for European Reform (CER).
Central Europe 11-07-2007

Turkey: Heading for normalisation or breakdown?

The recent political and societal tensions in Turkey are necessary and unavoidable steps on the road to the normalisation of democracy, writes Senem Aydin Düzgit in a 6 July commentary for the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).
Central Europe 07-06-2007

Sarkozy, secularism and Turkey’s European future

The current turmoil in Turkey may well be the vital test of its democracy that the EU has long been calling for, states Katinka Barysch – chief economist at the Centre for European Reform (CER). In a new paper, she claims that if Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan succeeds in facing down the generals now, then future coups will become almost impossible.
Public Affairs 12-04-2005

PR strategies of Turkey: the long way West

In the run-up to the EU summit on the opening of accession negotiations with Turkey, the country has carried out substantial PR efforts to influence decision-makers and opinion leaders. These now continue to ensure full membership. This article in Politik & Kommunikation (in German) analyses the communication strategies.