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Euro & Finance 13-11-2013

EU seeks to increase influence on global accounting rules

The European Union is seeking to increase its influence over global accounting standards by beefing up the agency that scrutinises new rules and in certain cases tweaking how they are applied in the bloc.

New EU rules target transparency of oil, gas revenues

The EU has adopted new laws aimed at increasing the transparency of government income from the oil and gas industry, in a move poverty campaigner and U2 frontman Bono called a "game-changing breakthrough" on corruption in resource-rich developing countries.
EU Priorities 2020 13-04-2005

MEPs vote down reform of expenses regime

An attempt to rid the European Parliament of its gravy train image has failed. Proposed reforms of travel expenses and pension systems were voted down by MEPs.
EU Priorities 2020 09-07-2003

MEPs sceptical about Commission’s 2005 deadline for accounting reform

Members of the EP's Budgets Committee have echoed the scepticism of the Commission's chief auditor Jules Muis regarding the Commission's 2005 deadline for the reform of its accounting system.