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  • EU Commission, businesses play down ACTA fears

    News | Digital 13-02-2012

    As mass demonstrations took place across Europe over the weekend against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, the European Commission and pro-ACTA industry groups published statements intend to fend off "unjustified accusations".

  • Socialists say ‘Stop ACTA’

    News | Digital 10-02-2012

    The leader of the Party of European Socialists, Sergei Stanishev, told EURACTIV he was "proud" that his European political family was the first to come up with a clear position on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), which he says is against the interests of European citizens.

  • ACTA: The Parliament should say no

    Special Report | Opinion | Digital 03-02-2012

    The anti-piracy ACTA agreement goes far beyond what is acceptable in the defence of intellectual property, threatening to internet users' privacy and allowing even legitimate websites to be blocked, says Ivaylo Kalfin.

  • ACTA activates European civil society

    News | Digital 02-02-2012

    Online activists across Europe are protesting against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), which officially aims to protect intellectual rights but which critics say violates privacy. An online petition against the international treaty attracted more than a million signatures, EURACTIV's network in Central Europe reports.

  • ACTA comes one step closer to existence

    News | Digital 25-11-2010

    A vote in the European Parliament yesterday (24 November) signalled that a controversial international trade agreement to tackle counterfeiting, known as ACTA, has moved one step closer to ratification, raising concerns among Internet service providers (ISPs). 

  • Lawmakers call for halt to ACTA deal

    News | Digital 05-10-2010

    Members of the European Parliament have asked the Commission to halt a global trade agreement against counterfeiting (ACTA) after reports that negotiations on the controversial pact were concluded without their consent in Tokyo on Saturday (2 October).

  • Lawmakers in Internet piracy merry-go-round

    News | Digital 23-09-2010

    EU policymaking history is repeating itself as another row erupted in the European Parliament yesterday (22 September) over how to tackle Internet piracy and whether users can be cut off from the Internet for making illegal downloads. EURACTIV reports from Strasbourg. 

  • US told EU to hide ACTA from public

    News | Digital 02-09-2010

    The United States is behind the wall of secrecy surrounding global trade talks to combat counterfeiting, say EU policy sources, who claim that American officials are refusing to let their European counterparts publish the draft agreement online.

  • Anti-counterfeit trade deal planned for September

    News | Trade & Society 23-08-2010

    Negotiators from the United States, the European Union and nine other countries said on Friday (20 August) they planned to finish work in September on a proposed pact to crack down on trade in counterfeit and pirated goods.

  • Creative economy is under attack: Time to act

    Opinion | Trade & Society 28-06-2010

    Europe, the United States and Japan need to have strong intellectual property laws to protect the creative economy which is under attack, according to the heads of leading business groups.

  • EU defends itself from attack on ACTA

    News | Digital 22-03-2010

    The European Commission attempted to dispel rumours today (22 March) regarding draconian new anti-counterfeiting laws being negotiated under the global Anti-Counterfeiting and Trade Agreement (ACTA) talks.

  • Parliament threatens court action on anti-piracy treaty

    News | Digital 10-03-2010

    The European Parliament defied the EU executive today (10 March), casting a vote against an agreement between the EU, the US and other major powers on combating online piracy and threatening to take legal action at the European Court of Justice.

  • Brussels denies rumours of secret anti-piracy treaty

    News | Brexit 04-02-2010

    An upcoming global trade agreement on copyright and counterfeiting, known as ACTA, will not rewrite EU rules on the liability of internet service providers, a leading European Commission official told EURACTIV, denying media reports that suggest otherwise.

  • eCommerce: A market without borders?

    Policy Brief | Brexit 21-01-2008

    Although eCommerce in Europe doubles every three years, sales remain primarily at national level due to low consumer trust in cross-border purchases. The European Commission and the European Parliament are carrying out legislative reviews of the EU's eCommerce Directive to address shortfalls.