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Elections 11-10-2017

Catalan leaders sign independence declaration but put it on hold

Catalan leaders signed a declaration of independence from Spain on Tuesday (10 October) but immediately put it on hold and called for talks with Madrid on the country's worst political crisis in decades.
Future EU 19-07-2016

Barcelona Mayor: ‘Rebel’ cities must tackle Brussels on refugee crisis

Barcelona's mayor, Ada Colau, has criticised Brussels' response to situations like the refugee crisis and denounced the EU for being "interest-based", calling for a network of cities to be set up to “better represent the people”. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Elections 26-05-2015

Local elections send shockwaves through Spain’s political establishment

Two new forces, anti-austerity Podemos and market-friendly Ciudadanos, made strong gains in Spain's local and regional elections on Monday (25 May), overturning a two-party system that has seen the PP and rival Socialists alternate in power since the end of dictatorship 40 years ago.