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Economy & Jobs 14-11-2017

Champion of ‘helicopter money’ questions universal basic income

As chair of Britain's Financial Services Authority, Adair Turner saw the collapse of the financial system from the very top. In the aftermath of the crisis, he became one of the main advocates of helicopter money - but today he doubts if universal basic income is the best way to address growing inequality.
Future EU 23-10-2017

Catalonia, a viable independent state?

Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz tells EURACTIV.com that the region would be accepted in the EU and therefore become a viable independent economy if it applied, but the former chair of the UK's Financial Services Authority Adair Turner disagrees.
Euro & Finance 06-09-2010

Too much ‘too big to fail’?

Focusing on correcting market failures risks avoiding dealing with the real cause of the financial crisis, writes Adair Turner, chairman of the United Kingdom's Financial Services Authority and a member of the House of Lords.