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Trade & Society 14-03-2013

Protectionism on services costing the EU 2.6% of GDP, says MEP

Implementing the Services Directive could rise economic output by some 2.6% in five to 10 years, MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt told EURACTIV ahead of an EU leaders meeting in Brussels dedicated to growth.
EU Priorities 2020 27-11-2012

Cameron to win Eurocrat pay cut as part of EU budget deal

British Prime Minister David Cameron is likely to obtain cherished cuts to the EU’s administration budget for 2014-2020 when negotiations resume next year, officials have acknowledged.

EU staff strike against Cameron’s ‘petty polemics’ on budget

EU staff members went on strike on Wednesday (21 November) to protest against proposals to axe €80 billion from the EU's proposed budget for the period 2014-2020. The protest was especially targeted at British Prime Minister David Cameron's role in the negotiation, ahead of a special EU summit dedicated to the bloc's long-term budget.
Public Affairs 23-11-2009

EU to speed up recruitment in global ‘war for talent’

Specialised knowledge of the European Union will no longer be the main focus of tests to recruit EU officials under new guidelines to come into force next year, EURACTIV has learned, as the bloc's institutions seek to attract the best talent to Brussels.
Brexit 14-09-2009

Stoiber group to cut EU costs by €40 billion

The European Union could save up to €40 billion in administrative burdens, according to a package devised by a high-level group for the reduction of such costs, chaired by German conservative Edmund Stoiber.
Public Affairs 19-09-2008

Reducing unnecessary red tape

Reducing the administrative burden on business "would really make a difference" by saving €1.3 billion a year, write Fabian Zuleeg and Marie-Hélène Fandel of the European Policy Centre.
Public Affairs 22-07-2008

EU recruitment strategy gets overhaul

Appointments to the EU institutions will focus more on the personal and professional competences of candidates rather than detailed EU knowledge, David Bearfield, the director of the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO), told journalists last week (18 July).
Public Affairs 25-04-2006

Citizens unaware of EU Ombudsman’s role

69% of maladministration complaints filed with the Ombudsman last year had to be transferred to competent authorities at local or national level, highlighting the complexity of the EU's multileveled power sharing structure.
Competition 19-07-2005

Commission clarifies services of general interest

Payments of up to 30 million euro are not to be considered state aid when they go to private companies taking over services of general interest. They need not be cleared by the Commission, according to new competition guidelines.
EU Priorities 2020 11-01-2005

Commissioner Kallas on administration, audit and anti-fraud

In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, Commissioner Kallas has said that likely priorities for the next few years would be simplifying the budget discharge, reconsidering allowances of Commission staff, increasing transparency and promoting the use of IT.