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Agrifood 26-03-2018

CAP’s simplification should ensure EU internal market cohesion

Last year's public debate about the European Commission's drive to streamline the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) made clear that the EU's flagship subsidy project is too bureaucratic and complex to be truly effective.
Agrifood 26-03-2018

Post-2020 CAP: simplification and investments

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The European Commission, steered by Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan, has taken a number of initiatives to simplify the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and help EU farmers cope with the rising demands. The public consultation on modernising and simplifying the CAP...
Agrifood 26-07-2016

New CAP can make EU farming profitable, Spanish farmers say

Spanish farmers consider the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) as an opportunity to cut red tape and make environmental measures more efficient.

Verheugen steps up efforts to cut red tape

The commissioner has pledged to slash, by 2012, the administrative costs suffered by businesses after new figures reveal that progress has been sluggish so far.

EU falls behind on cutting red tape

Plans to simplify 54 laws by the end of 2006 are unlikely to be completed, pushing up costs for European businesses, says Enterprise and Industry Commissioner Günter Verheugen.
Agrifood 06-10-2006

Simplifying the CAP

Further CAP reforms, such as abolishing outdated production quotas, eliminating country-specific arrangements and capping subsidies, will be inevitable in coming years, both to comply with the Commission's Better Regulation Agenda and to obtain a broader societal acceptance of the EU's farm policy. EU leaders have agreed to carry out a "health check" of the CAP in 2008.

Court of Auditors wants more simplification in FP7

The European Court of Auditors calls for more value for the money spent on EU research, and argues that the simplification of FP7 could be more radical than originally proposed by the Commission.

FP7: Commission consults on simplification

By concentrating its efforts and consulting the public on simplification of the FP7, the Commission wants to ensure that the next Framework Programme is accessible to all: big, small, private and public entities. 

Cutting excess EU legislation is Verheugen’s “N°1 priority”

Enterprise and Industry Commissioner Günter Verheugen has announced that every single one of the 900 pieces of EU legislation currently in the pipeline will be reviewed against their costs and benefits for the EU economy, and removed if necessary. 
EU Priorities 2020 27-06-2003

From Red Tape to Smart Tape: Administrative Simplification in OECD Countries

This report reviews policies and tools used in OECD countries to reduce administrative burdens.