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Energy 12-05-2017

Latent demand, not funding, is biggest obstacle for building renovation

A lack of demand for housing renovation – not a funding shortage – is the biggest obstacle to reaping the benefits of energy savings, seen as an unexploited 'golden goose' to tackle climate change and improve energy security.
Morten Helveg Petersen MEP, shadow rapporteur on the Energy Union.
Energy 25-02-2016

Parliament braced for Energy Union ‘tsunami of legislation’

Members of the European Parliament fear they will be swamped by a sudden flood of energy-related legislative proposals this year, with some urging their colleagues to take a step back and avoid the temptation to “optimise” laws in endless negotiating rounds.
Energy 16-05-2014

Europe’s ‘Energy Dependence Day’ is getting earlier each year

EXCLUSIVE / The day on which Europe runs out of indigenous energy and has to rely on foreign fuel imports is arriving earlier each year, according to an analysis by the European Alliance for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EuroAce), which will be presented to the Energy Council in Athens today (16 May).