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Central Europe 13-07-2016

Romania’s judicial reforms: A case study for future member states

Nine years after joining the EU, Romania is continuing its fight against corruption, as well as tackling the challenge of recovering the proceeds of crime. Experts say that its judicial reform experience could serve as an example to future EU member states. EURACTIV Romania reports.

Jailed Romanian media mogul to be released early – for writing eight books

Dan Voiculescu, a former politician and founder of Romania's Intact Media Group, sentenced to ten years in prison for money laundering, has had eight months of his sentence commuted, after he wrote a number of books. EURACTIV Romania reports.
Central Europe 27-11-2014

High profile Romanian arrest bodes well ahead of monitoring report

The high-profile arrest at the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism is expected to influence an upcoming monitoring report, which may open the doors to Romania’s Schengen accession. EURACTIV Romania reports.